Loving provides warm smiles, meals, support to St. Edward’s community

If you have been to either Hunt Dining Hall or the South Congress Market, chances are you’ve seen an especially cheerful Bon Appétit employee. If you have ever been served by him, you’ve most likely been asked about your day as your meal was thoughtfully prepared. This friendly, familiar face belongs to none other than Boyce Loving.

Loving started at St. Edward’s University two years ago. “I needed another place to keep me happy,” Loving said. “I prayed about it, and the good people of Ragsdale welcomed me with open arms.”

Loving’s main priority is to ensure that students are well taken care of. Whether by showing support in the dining hall, by the court or field or in the classroom, Loving’s passion for service extends to various settings. In fact, service is Loving’s favorite part about working on the hilltop.

“It’s just fun to serve all the time and to mingle,” he said. “I get to see what student’s everyday life is like. I was there once, and I really tip my hat off to them,” he added. Loving mentioned that he tries to display helpfulness to students and peers whenever he can.

Many students express that Loving’s kindness is infectious. Loving looks at each day as one to take on no matter the circumstance.

When asked where this sunny disposition comes from, Loving smiled, pondering the statement for a moment. “First of all, thank you for that,” he said. “I’m glad that I can be some kind of help to someone.”

Loving alluded to a quote that he once heard in church and now lives by: “This is a day that we’ve never seen, and we’ll never see again, so we must be glad and rejoice in it.”

“To see another day is beautiful,” Loving said. “I can’t express it any other way.”

Staying motivated has always been important to Loving.

“Tomorrow is not promised to us, so I gotta do the best I can in this day, in this hour, in this moment,” Loving added.

Much of this positivity stems from Loving’s upbringing. When he was 12 years old, he learned of Bible stories in which Jesus was becoming a young man.

“That’s when I decided that I have to be about my father’s business. From there on out, I tried to practice good ways, the best way I knew how,” Loving said. “I thank him [Jesus] for putting me in a position where I can help others.”

Loving credits much of his accomplishments to his faith.

“Having a relationship with the Lord upstairs is what keeps me moving. I can’t do it by myself,” Loving said. “I’m weak! I get tired!” Loving added with a laugh.

When he is not serving meals in the dining halls, Loving can be found working his two other jobs at Fiesta and Slab BBQ, playing basketball or cheering on the Hilltoppers at university sporting events. Loving’s school spirit is evident in his getup, as he always sports St. Edward’s t-shirts and baseball caps– beaming in blue and gold.

Loving is an impressionable figure of St. Edward’s, and most anyone who has interacted with him can agree that charisma is his most memorable attribute.

“I feel complete,” Loving concluded. “That smile that you see everyday is real. I still feel like I’m twenty one!”