Up-and-coming Atlanta native has a new take on heartbreak on debut album

When it comes to music, Mariah the Scientist has it down to a science. The Atlanta R&B singer released her debut project with RCA Records, “Master” on Aug. 23, 2019. 

Listeners are naturally drawn to the 21-year-old’s mesmerizing voice and Atlantan accent. Her singing style is idiomatic, meaning it sounds as if she’s talking over the beat. This is particularly true of her first single, “Beetlejuice” where Mariah reflects on the deceptive nature of her lover, namely: how he manipulated her into forgiveness.

“Bittersweet, beetlejuice/ Bitter me, how sweet of you to/ Ask if I’d be your muse/ And go and paint me blue,” the Atlanta native sings over a strumming guitar.

Her second single, “Reminders,” is an 80s-inspired song that is accompanied by a drama-filled music video. From the tape changes heard at the beginning of the song to the synthesizer used throughout, it screams nostalgia. Reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the song details how her last relationship left her with a warped perception of the men she encounters.

With lyrics like, “Please don’t think I’m heartless/ I’d rather think with my brain,” the album explores ideas about love, but not in the conventional sense. This album is more than a young woman lamenting over her crappy ex-boyfriend. Instead, she holds herself accountable for her role in the relationship, while also noting the toxic behavior of the person who broke her heart. She offers a new perspective on love, one that involves heavy critique. After all, the album is about breaking free from her “master” and becoming her own. 

“The idea of love and who I was with – they’ve become my master of some sort, directly or indirectly, when I should’ve just been myself,” she explained. “Now that I can acknowledge that, I can be my own master.”

The emotion-laden project has left her growing fanbase wanting more. Mariah is currently working on a follow-up album, but until that is released, you can catch her at Coachella in April.