Brian Laundrie’s remains found shortly after parents participate in his search, raising suspicions


Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie left for a road trip from Petito’s hometown of Blue Point, New York, in July.

The bones of Gabby Pettito’s fiance, Brian Laundrie, were identified by the FBI on Oct. 21. The autopsy was inconclusive because his bones were the only thing found. Police are sending these remains to an anthropologist to see if they can determine a cause of death.

Laundrie stayed at his parents’ house for about a week after he returned home to Florida alone from the summer long road trip across the U.S. that he started with his fiance. Petitto’s parents reported her missing the following week and asked Laundrie and his family to cooperate with investigators.

Laundrie’s parents said he had spoken to them about suicidal thoughts before he went on a hike by himself on Sept. 13, which was the day he went missing. Over a month later, his remains were found in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park.

It’s odd to me that investigators say his remains, backpack and notebook were found shortly after his parents decided to participate in the search. It makes me feel like they knew where the body would be, and I’m not the only one who thinks that it’s suspicious. There have been speculations that Laundrie’s family planted the evidence because his father was the one who discovered his remains.

The area where Laundrie’s body was found was completely underwater shortly before the bones were uncovered, which is why the autopsy was inconclusive. His body was found in an area he knew well and went to often, so it’s suspicious to me that the weather and animals found there could have something to do with the condition in which investigators found his remains.

If his remains were found and the autopsy revealed it was a suicide, I think most people following the case would assume he was responsible for the murder of his fiancè. The placement of the body is also another big coincidence that makes the whole situation seem planned.

Launderie’s parents didn’t give the police much information, but they told investigators that he had been having suicidal thoughts. That reason alone was enough for them to have helped with the search party sooner.

My theory is that they know much more than they are letting on and waited to join the investigation until a month after their son disappeared because they wanted the cause of death to be inconclusive. The only reason they would want to cover that up is if they knew that their son was involved in the murder of Gabby Pettito.

Pettito’s autopsy revealed that her cause of death was strangulation. Many have speculated that Pettito was a victim of domestic abuse, after seeing a video of her and Laundrie after a fight where the cops had to get involved. Strangulation is a telltale sign that domestic abuse will turn deadly.

I believe that Brian Laundrie is responsible for the death of Gabby Pettito because of the fight between them that police had to break up days before Pettito went missing. In the video, police point out that both Pettito and Laundrie had visible marks on their bodies after an altercation they had while on their road trip. 

It seems like a bad relationship that turned violent, and I think Laundrie’s anger caused him to strangle Pettito. After she died, I’m guessing he panicked and drove back to Florida. His parents probably didn’t want to believe that their son was capable of killing his fiancè, so they acted like nothing was wrong when he mentioned his suicidal thoughts to them. I’m speculating on all the details but I believe Laundrie’s parents know more information than they are telling investigators.