Cardenas continues to lead Lopez in race for president


The presidential and vice presidential candidates Jamie Cardenas, left, Carlos Martinez, Anna Lopez and Ben Griffith sat down for an interview with Hilltop Views on April 6.

Jacob Rogers

Editor’s note: This story has been updated throughout.

The morning results have been released for the last day of voting for the Student Government Association election.

As of Friday at 10 a.m., there were a total of 549 votes, according to an email sent by SGA Election’s Commissioner Faith Castillo.

There are 11 senators running for 12 open Senate seats. New members of SGA will be sworn into office on April 28.

Voting ends Friday at 5 p.m. and the link can be found on CollegiateLink. 

President & Vice President:

Jamie Cardenas for President and Carlos Martinez for Vice President: 359 votes or 57.71 percent.

Anna Lopez for President and Ben Griffith for Vice President: 263 votes or 42.28 percent.

Senatorial Candidates:

Ashley Esparza:    313 votes

Jovahana Avila:    306 votes

Carla Collation:     277 votes

Greg Reck:           272 votes

Lauren Ortega:     254 votes

Jade Patterson:     248 votes

Carlos Alpuche:     247 votes

Victoria Mayorga:  240 votes

Oliver Guerra:      230 votes

Timothy Briones:  220 votes

Cynthia Teran:      204 votes 


Referendum 1: Establishing a Green Fund?

Yes: 72.34 percent

No:  27.65 percent

Referendum 2: Policy for a Tobacco Smoke-Free Campus?

Yes: 63.18 percent

No:  36.81 percent