5 saddest moments of Jeb Bush’s campaign

Eleanor Fishbourne

Jeb Bush finally dropped out of the presidential race. He had been polling extremely low for a while and it was just a matter of time before he dropped out.

Since the announcement of his withdrawal from the race, the internet has been blowing up with videos of Jeb and all the sad moments throughout his campaign. These videos are absolutely hilarious, but at the same time heartbreaking. Here are some of the saddest moments of poor Jeb’s stab at becoming president.

1. The “Please Clap” incident. At the end of one of his rallies, Jeb finished speaking and had to ask the audience to applaud him. Although this was probably meant to come off as a joke, the look on Jeb’s face screams “please love me.”

2. The time he thought he was mom’s favorite. In an interview Jeb said “The best news of the day was my mom finally told me I was her favorite.” To which his mother, laughing, replied “Oh no I didn’t! Out of all the children? No.”

3. When he got kicked off stage. While giving a speech at a Rotary Club in New Hampshire his speech got cut short by one of the Rotary officials. Instead of gracefully exiting, Jeb exclaimed, “They’re kicking me out the door!” He proceeded to flail his arms around in exasperation and look longingly into the audience with nothing but pure sadness written all over his face.

4. All the times he was absolutely slaughtered by Donald Trump. Some of Trump’s insults include calling Jeb a “loser,” a “total embarrassment to both himself and his family” and saying that he is “dumb as a rock.” Jeb seems to always be having that moment where he can’t come up with a good comeback until hours later. The best response he has had to Trump’s savagery has been “you’re never going to be president of the United States by insulting your way to the presidency,” or in other words, “Please stop picking on me!”

5. When he fought back tears announcing his campaign suspension. As Jeb told the world that he would no longer be running for president he was obviously choked up and pushing back tears for fear of further perpetuating the idea that he is a sad, weak little man. Then, in true Jeb Bush style, he ended his farewell speech with a weird comment about sleeping with his wife later.

Jeb, you had a good run little guy but you just weren’t destined to be president.