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Joanna Ariola

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One thing you cannot ignore in Austin is the hype for the annual Austin City Limits (ACL) music festival. The constant music in the background of the city all weekend, the impact of incoming tourists and the multitude of bright lights across the night sky. Whether you have a one day pass or you plan to go from beginning to end all three days, the question to keep in mind is: Is it worth it? If so, what can I do to prepare for the weekend?

However, there are setbacks to the weekend.

First, the issue of transportation is one that should be considered well in advance. In my experience, taking an Uber or Lyft there is not a big deal but the price of the rides nearly triple or quadruple by the time you want to leave after the last show.

“Walk as far out as possible before requesting a ride because everyone is going to want to get picked up at the same time and the surge is more likely to be less farther out than closer to the venue.” said Sophia Roses, who attended ACL weekend one this year.

“I also heard the pedicabs are less expensive than you think because they really rely on tips.” Reiley said.

There are plenty of other options such as taking the bus or asking a friend to pick you up. Or if you are like me and are terrible at planning, walking back to campus is always an option if you don’t mind walking for almost two hours.

Second, outside food and drink are unfortunately not allowed inside. This means you must rely solely on the food provided inside.

While this is not completely terrible because the options include multiple well known Austin food places including Stubb’s BBQ and Amy’s Ice Cream, the prices can impact you significantly if you are there all weekend.

One thing that I thought was an amazing option at the festival was the free water filling stations. If you bring an empty water bottle, you can fill your water bottle for free with clean, filtered water. There on two on location close to the Samsung stage to the north and one right across from the Honda stage to the east.

Finally, you should be prepared with a strategy to get from one show to another. ACL has an app available that provides a schedule for each day with the names and times of each performance. You can star your favorites and a personal schedule with be created under the tab MyACL so you can keep track of the times and locations of your favorite artists. Also, a map is available, as well, that shows where each stage and entrance/exit are located in the park. Both these features come in handy when planning for the weekend.

“When you want to see two artists but they are performing at the same time I would suggest that you pick the one you want to see more and get there early to get a good spot! You can always leave halfway through to see the other performer but I think it’s more worth it to get a really good spot for a performer than be in the back for both.” Roses said.

Extra tip: If you plan on seeing a headliner and want to get there early so you can be front row, bring water and food to last you throughout the day. There is nothing worse than standing in the hot Texas weather all day without water and eventually losing your spot. So for those hardcore fans out there, make sure you bring water.

“ACL was a rad experience and great to experience with my friends. Can’t wait till next year.” said Chris Perez.

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