Artist explores personal development, journey


"Having Second Thoughts" is a collection of artworks by artist Richard Fruth that will be displayed at the Fine Arts Gallery on campus until Dec. 4. 


An opening reception and talk was held in the Fine Arts Gallery at St. Edward’s University for “Having Second Thoughts,” a collection of artworks ranging from whimsical landscapes to scenes constructed from abstract forms.

On Nov. 17, the collection’s artist, Richard Fruth, began the night with a lecture detailing his collection.

“Having Second Thoughts” demonstrates not only Fruth’s struggle and journey of artistic development, but also the universal evolvement of one’s self.

“It’s based on the fact that life is uncertain and that we are constantly making changes. 

The work went through a completely different manifestation than what was planned,” Fruth said.

In his lecture, Fruth described his constantly changing artistic process and how he handles it. 

He started his project with a large piece but later decided that it was too big. 

He put the large piece through the saw and then threw it on the floor.

“I actually did throw it on the floor,” Fruth said. 

He saw the piece on the floor and, once again, changed his mind deciding that he liked this cut.

The work that Fruth put into his work was the inspiration for the title and theme itself of changing minds. 

It serves as a reminder that change is natural and necessary, especially to his students at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.

“A lot of students that I teach are unwilling to go through the process,” Fruth said. “They want to go through the first idea that they had and if they are the golden gods, that it can be pulled off, but the majority of times it can’t be. This is about taking that leap of faith and being accountable. It’s okay to make mistakes.”

Along with the theme of personal development, a satirical and critical style is also put to the test in one piece. 

“The Current State of Affairs” depicts a human figure dangling at the edge of the wooden sculpture.

“The title makes you think more about the piece themselves,” senior Rubi McLaughlin said.

At St. Edward’s, Fruth wants to encourage art students or anyone who is interested in art to have the drive and will to pursue art. 

He also wants to inspire artists to experiment using old equipment.

“I have Microsoft Word on my computer but that doesn’t make me a novelist. It’s nothing more than a tool. Don’t be afraid to go to the old processes as well as the new,” Fruth said.

Hollis Hammonds, chair of the department of visual studies and art professor, chose Fruth to be the latest artist to display their artwork at the Fine Arts Gallery.

“In particular, we try to get a diversity of artists; every show is completely different,” said Hammonds. 

Hammonds’ comments on how art students benefit from actually seeing the artist with their work.

“They can go to the museum and not see the artist. This way they can see the work and the artist and ask questions,” Hammond said.

Overall, this semester, the gallery is meant to tackle the idea of altered landscapes.

Fruth’s “Having Second Thoughts” collection will be at the Fine Arts Gallery until Dec. 4.

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