Boots and beanies take over campus fashion


Sweaters, hoodies, jeans, boots and jackets are what St. Edward’s students are preparing to wear this fall season. With the cold front barely making its way in, we finally have a legitimate reason to wear warm clothes instead of forcing ourselves to wear cashmere in 90-degree sun-blazing temperatures.

Walking around campus, a few big things I’m noticing are boots and pants. With our infamous Texas weather, wearing pants or even a long-sleeved shirt is a guaranteed heat-stroke hospital visit. Okay, that’s an exaggeration; but still, it’s not recommendable. Now, as I was preparing to write this article, I asked a handful of St. Edward’s students their comments on the imminent temperature drop, and their replies ranged from totally prepared to not knowing if they even brought a jacket and running to go call their mom to make sure to bring one when she comes to visit.

Texas students just don’t know what to do when the season actually changes. It’s a fact. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dress like we’ve lived through Manhattan in a snowstorm. It just means we need more storage space to make room for both winter and summer clothes. You know, because Texas only has two seasons.

Although we might view ourselves as incomparable to our northern friends when it comes to experience in freezing weather, there are still ways we can show them our extreme talent of quickly transitioning from the sun to Antarctica. Dr. Martens boots are perfect for cold Texas weather, because as we all know, unfortunately, there is a better chance of it raining than snowing. These boots not only keep you warm, but they also keep you dry. They are absolutely water-resistant with the rubber outer layer and thick soles, allowing plenty of puddle-stomping opportunities.

Another warmth-preserving item is none other than the beanie. Yeah, okay, they don’t look great on everyone, but if you wear anything the right way, the look will come. The main point of the beanie is to keep your head and ears warm–important parts to cover to help out your immune system. Beanie style is always an option for both guys and girls.

Maybe some Cara Delevingne inspiration is needed? To create more of a completed outfit with the boots and beanie, add a leather jacket for the finishing touch. Leather jackets can be worn to portray a rocker tough-kid vibe but can also be worn down to look casual. And obviously, if you want to keep warm, you should probably wear something underneath the leather jacket. Some pants maybe? That’s all up to you.

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