Comedian blurs awkward, funny line about being single

Debra DiGiovanni avoids using overdone jokes about dating.

Debra DiGiovanni avoids using overdone jokes about dating.

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Now, I love good standup comedy, but it is not always easy to find good things going solely off of Netflix descriptions. This winter, though,  while I was digging through the Netflix comedy section, I found a delightful little gem.

 “Single, Awkward, Female” is Canadian comedian Debra DiGiovanni’s standup special.

One problem I often have with some female standup comedians is their reliance on jokes based on negative stereotypes about women. You know the type: the jokes that revolve around how women are relationship-crazed, and how being single is the very worst thing that could possibly happen. 

This schtick is tired and frustrating for any audience to endure, but it is usually difficult to determine at first glance if a comedian is going to go there. 

Viewers often have no choice, then, but to give it a try and hope everything works out for the best.

Jokes about relationships, or lack thereof, can be funny, but not so much when they make up the bulk of a comedian’s bit. However, DiGiovanni rises above that mess. She has a lovely variety of jokes. Yes, there are some single person jokes, but they are actually funny and do not reek of desperation.  

DiGiovanni is brutally honest about a number of things on her mind, like jerks on the airplane, her very long relationship with her cat and about having roommates. There is at least one thing in her act that most people can relate to.

DiGiovanni is explicit without being vulgar. She does not rely on shock value from profanity to make her jokes funny. There are also plenty of weed jokes, and even a bit about our little friend Justin Bieber. So it is definitely appropriate for the times, and has a little something for everyone.

Also, it turns out I tend to find much of Canadian entertainment very enjoyable, like “Degrassi,” Nathan Fillion, “Trailer Park Boys” and Rob Ford. Honestly, we could have stopped after “Degrassi,” but these are all wonderful. 

Canada can have Justin Bieber back, though. I have grown weary of him. I’ll take DiGiovanni instead. She is just delightful, very fun and refreshing to watch. 

“Single, Awkward, Female” is a good laugh, which is something we all need every so often.