SXSW Film: Much Ado About Nothing

SXSW Film: Much Ado About Nothing

Film Critic

Where to begin? While most bloggers and geeks alike would have to preface any mention of the work of Joss Whedon and crew with an asterisk stating they are an unabashed fan, I do not have to. In fact, I am taking the opposite stance.

I just do not care for anything that Whedon and his cast have done. I hated “Firefly,” “Serenity,” and the countless other works done by actors like Nathan Fillion and crew (except for Alan Tudyk, who still kills it in other projects).

Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing” project reeks to high heaven of narcissism and misguided attempts of adapting the Bard’s work.

This is by far the worst Shakespeare adaptation I have ever seen, and that includes “She’s the Man,” “William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet,” and the Mekhi Phifer classic “0.” I kept an open mind while watching, but after 20 minutes, I seriously doubted I would sit through the whole thing. 

I have no idea who greenlit the idea to have modern day characters utter Shakespearean quotes, but please let them never work again.

To get into the plot would be a herculean task, but in a nutshell, characters are set up together by their family even though they clearly hate one another. Bring in a nutty police force and accusations of infidelity committed against the Count, and you have yourself a comedy!

If you are even a moderate fan of Shakespeare, or a sensible human, avoid watching this disaster of an adaptation.