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Proud: Fuuka Omote

Andrea Guzman

October 31, 2016

After leaving Tokyo, Fuuka Omote  moved to America having only mastered how to say, “How are you” and “Hi, I’m Fuuka,” but had not yet learned to say much else in English.Picking up on English as she studied abroad in Ind...

Proud: Hindi Alotaibi

Andrea Guzman

October 31, 2016

Most people dream while they sleep, but international student Hindi Alotaibi dreams before he goes to sleep.Alotaibi dreams of his family and his home in Saudi Arabia. He takes a moment before drifting off to think about his parents and s...

Proud: Nia Delmast

Andrea Guzman

October 31, 2016

With aspirations to work with the Peace Corps, sophomore Nia Delmast has big plans for her future, including studying abroad in Morocco next fall and exiting the red doors in 2018 upon her early graduation.A global studies majo...

Teri Varner VP

Teri L. Varner

October 31, 2016

Does it really matter if your professor is the same racial or ethnic background as you? The answer will probably depend upon the student you ask. For me, absolutely! When I was an undergraduate student at Eastern Michigan Univ...

Letter from Editor – Jacob

October 31, 2016

On a crisp morning in Dec. 2014, several African American students lay “dead” on the university seal. The ‘Die In’ protest sought to raise awareness of racial issues facing the community.It was a strong statement, a ple...

QUOTE: Josh Gibbs

October 31, 2016

- African/Caucasian“People assume your race and think you’re something without even getting to know you. Preconceived stereotypes about what race should be is what’s killing most of society.”...

QUOTE: Alyssa Torres

October 31, 2016

- Hispanic/Mexican American“I did, once. I was seventeen and I worked in a chiropractor’s office and they asked if I spoke Spanish, and I didn’t. That’s always been an issue. One day, the chiropractor I worked for, she had a Spanish...

QUOTE: Kendyl Mull

October 31, 2016

- Caucasian “Going to Catholic private schools, I remember the minorities felt out of place. I think they felt like they had to fit the white stereotype rather than being able to embrace their own culture.”...

QUOTE: Deyanira Trevino

October 31, 2016

- Hispanic"I had an incident at Hunt. I went to get my food, and I was speaking in English to get my food, and a person told me ‘Oh you speak English?’ And I asked him, ‘Is that like an offense?’ He responded with: ‘O...

LLC expansion introduces new communities with more to come

Andrea Guzman

October 3, 2016

Academic Affairs and Student Affairs have expanded LLC offerings this academic year with the pilot of Leadership and Wicked Problems communities.Under 50 percent of freshmen currently participate in an LLC, and the expansion ...

Canadian student discovers Austin live music scene

Andrea Gonzales

September 30, 2016

Three plane rides and 1,885miles later, one student finally arrives in Austin, Texas. Freshman Andrea Nicole Gecosala comes from Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. Gecosala chose St. Edward’s because it wasn’t too far away from ...

Facts help Clinton keep composure, trumping debate debacle over Trump

Victoria Cavazos

September 27, 2016

The first night of the presidential debates proceeded much like a sitcom–style family dinner. Trump and Clinton played at each other like a contentious brother-sister pair, interrupting each other, stubbornly persisting to talk...

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