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Hilltop Views is a weekly student newspaper published by the School of Humanities and serving the community of St. Edward’s University. The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the university, whose mission is grounded in the teachings and doctrine of the Catholic Church.

The student newspaper was first published in 1888, and has taken many forms over the years. Our current name, Hilltop Views, was first published on February 16, 1987.

Letter Policy:

Hilltop Views welcomes all letters to the editor. Letters may be edited for space, grammar and clarity. Letters will be published at our discretion. Anonymous letters will not be printed or run in our online edition.

St. Edward’s Univeristy Media Policy:

Hilltop Views is the student newspaper and website published by student journalists in the School of Humanities and serving the community of St. Edward’s University. The opinions expressed in the print and online editions are not necessarily those of the University, or of the student body as a whole.

St. Edward’s values Hilltop Views as a way of fostering discussion and intellectual inquiry across the campus community. Hilltop Views can make faculty, staff and administration aware of student concerns and help students better understand the roles all members the community play in their educational experience.

The University administration does not censor Hilltop Views or conduct prior review of print or digital content. The role of the faculty adviser for Hilltop Views is to guide students as they learn professional practices. The faculty adviser does not censor content or conduct prior review.

Editors, reporters and managers of Hilltop Views may not be arbitrarily suspended or removed because of student, faculty or administrative disapproval of editorial content or policy. Student journalists at Hilltop Views are required to comply with the publication’s Ethics & Guidelines policies, posted on the publication’s website. Failure to do so may result in suspension or dismissal from the staff.


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