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South by Southwest goes digital after historic cancellation

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Pass/Fail serves as most reasonable grading policy during COVID-19

Dante Gutierrez, Staff Writer | April 2, 2020

St. Edward’s University extending a school-wide Pass/Fail grading policy instead of a Double A grading policy was reasonable and generous.  According to the Tampa Bay Times, Pass/Fail grading allows a student to take a course and receive one of two grades: satisfactory, which means passing, or unsatisfactory, which means failing. Meanwhile, a Double-A grading policy requires professors to give...

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Trump’s racist nickname for COVID19 proves irresponsible

Shea Hildebrand, Staff Writer | April 2, 2020

It has been several months since news first broke about the coronavirus. Since then, we have seen the number of cases, especially in the U.S., growing at an alarming rate. Throughout the past few weeks, we have seen many people wisely practicing social distancing and staying inside in order to prevent the spread any further. Although many have taken this time to pick up a new hobby or establish a routine...

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Lone Star Conference cancels spring sports for semester, head coach and student athlete give their thoughts

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