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Bedroom pop genre takes music industry by hazy, dreamy storm

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International Women’s Day highlights unheard voices around the world

Maddie Spencer, Writer | March 12, 2019

In 2018, a record 36 women won seats in the United States House of Representatives in November. Irish citizens voted to repeal one of the world’s most restrictive abortion bans. Ethiopia voted in its first female president. Women in Saudi Arabia were legally permitted to drive. With all of the progress women have made in just the past few years, some people question why days like International...

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Reports of abuse towards migrant women reveal unjust use of power

Christine Sanchez, Staff Writer | March 11, 2019

Imagine living in a place where you live in fear of your life every single second of every single day. You feel hopeless. You have a child that you want to give the best life to, and you know you can’t do that under your current circumstances. So, you decide to leave. You’ve hired someone to help smuggle you to the United States, where you know you’ll have access to better resources, where...

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Luka Doncic deserves ROY and it’s not even close

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