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‘Call me, beep me’ if you’re wondering how live-action film lives up to original series

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OurView: Accusation against former brother makes students weary of trusting SEU

Sierra Rozen and Samantha Cienfuegos | February 18, 2019

Students and universities have a special bond. More than just a transaction or business deal, there is a certain amount of trust that must occur for it to be successful. Once that trust is broken, it can be hard to rebuild. That is the general feeling that is currently permeating campus. On Jan. 31, a mass email was sent out to students announcing that former professor, Brother Gerald Muller CSC,...

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Double standards apparent regarding peoples’ weight; thin privilege issue persists

Kelly Salinas, Designer | February 18, 2019

It’s not easy being big. In a society fixated on an extreme beauty standard, it’s hard to exist on the opposite side of the spectrum-- less stores to shop at, more judgement from others and a devastating internal dialogue are what characterize the overweight experience. It’s not that thin people don’t face their own struggles, but those on the heavier side face unique struggles that thin...

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COMMENTARY: NFL domestic violence allegations should keep players off the field

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