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Former Gov. Palin gaffes, crack-ups make her unlikely candidate

Staff Writer

December 4, 2013

Sarah Palin will always have an answer. The problem is that she usually does't understand the question. If we look at her tweet history, we can see that sometimes Palin doesn’t even understand how questions work. “So we’...

North Korea’s testing of nuclear weapons causes global concern

February 26, 2013

After North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Il died in 2011, his son, Kim Jong-Un became the leader of the country. Like his father, Un has continued the country’s testing of nuclear weapons with his first occurring on Feb. 11. The nucle...

China to offer partner campus with university


November 13, 2012

St. Edward’s University has announced a new partnership agreement with Wu Yee Sun College, a division of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The contract begins in the fall 2013.“Every affiliation we pursue is to build a bridge ...

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