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Texas Attorney General declares daily fantasy sports leagues illegal

Amanda Gonzalez

January 25, 2016

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton declared participating in daily fantasy sports is illegal in the state of Texas.“Because the outcome of games in daily fantasy sports leagues depends partially on chance, an individual's payment of a fee to par...

NFL, fantasy leagues kick off new season this week


September 8, 2014

A large portion of Americans do not pay attention to sports, except when it comes to the National Football League (NFL). What draws in an even larger audience is the number of people who play fantasy football. Millions of people...

Softball upsets Texas, makes ESPN Top 10

Staff Writer

October 30, 2013

St. Edward’s University softball pulled off one of the biggest upsets in school history on Oct. 10 when they defeated the University of Texas 6-1 to open up their fall season.  The good fortune did not stop there though; dur...

Swiss sport combines whips, paddles and pucks


November 28, 2012

Hornussen is a traditional Swiss sport that had been played in countryside of Switzerland for over 300 years. The sport requires both incredible aim and the ability to see a small black puck as it whizzes through the air at speeds ove...

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