SGA looks to transition

The Student Government Association is wrapping up the semester by preparing for work over the summer and next fall’s legislative session.”We’ll be staying busy,” President-elect Blanca Garcia said.The SGA representatives elected this spring will be sworn in April 29, the final SGA meeting of the semester, and will assume office  May 1.But before they take office, the current senators will have to determine the fate of several pieces of legislation.Pending LegislationLegislation that is still pending will not be considered after April 29, unless the bills’ authors petition for an extension. The legislation currently pending in the legislative initiatives committee includes:•S.R. 121 Topper Tender Merchant Outreach•S.R. 122 Laundry Improvement•S.R. 102 Iconic Symbol•S.R. 117 Green Energy Investment and Reduction Act of 2010•S.R. 116 SGA Takes Over CyberspaceIf a bill’s author petitions for an extension, which is called an intergovernmental resolution in SGA, the author could continue working on the bill over the summer until the bill can come up for final passage in the fall.Vice President of Intergovernmental Affairs Chris Duke said that during the April 25 IGA Committee meeting, the committee killed two bills. On April 29, two bills will that were in the IGA committee will come up for final passage. As of April 25, none of the bill’s authors had requested an extension, Duke said.AppointmentsOne of the first actions Vice President-elect Krista Heiden will make is appointing three people to chair the three committees in SGA.The positions of chair of intergovernmental affairs, chair of legislative initiatives and chair of student representation were created this spring with the passage of S.B. 09: SGA Modernization Act of 2009.Applications for the chair positions were due April 23, and Heiden will spend this week interviewing the applicants to determine who the best fit for each position is.Heiden hopes to have the applicants appointed to chair positions before the April 29 meeting so the senate can confirm her picks.”Unless they are confirmed, there will need to be a special session,” Heiden said.Since the three chair positions will receive partial scholarships, Heiden needs to appoint three elected members of the senate to the position before the start of the fall semester.The cabinet positions, to be appointed by Garcia, can wait until the fall semester because, unlike the president and vice president positions, the cabinet members do not receive scholarships.Work over summerThe president and vice president-elect will be working out logistics in preparation for the fall semester over summer vacation.On May 7, Garcia will attend the university Board of Trustees meeting. The meeting’s agenda has not yet been announced.Meanwhile, Heiden is charged with determining the time and place for next fall’s SGA meetings.Garcia and Heiden will also be making preparations for fall elections, which include elections for freshmen senate seats, for the academic school senators and for the recently-created residence hall senators.”In the past, [SGA] had a good turnout for the school and freshmen elections,” Heiden said.To ensure the first election for residence hall senators is successful, Heiden said that SGA hopes to restart discussions with Residence Life.SGA is also looking to increase involvement through the freshmen orientation sessions.Garcia said that she would be in contact with Assistant Dean of Students Connie Rey Rodriguez to see what Rodriguez needs from SGA to participate in the freshmen orientation sessions. “It is a really great way to get the cream of the crop to run in the freshmen elections,” Heiden [email protected]