Fountain getting renovated

Tristan Hallman

The St. Edward’s University’s fountain is getting amakeover. The St. Edward’s University fountain is getting a makeover.The fountain, a landmark at the center of campus in the Ragsdale Plaza, is being renovated to fix leaking, flooding and safety issues.Contractors from a company called Taylor Made Waterscapes have cleaned out the area underneath the stones and refilled the bottom of the fountain, which had been leaking. The leaks led to flooding in the pump house behind the fountain.”All the leaves and organic debris got caught in those rocks,” Michael Peterson, director of Physical Plant said. “We had to take all of that out.”The contractors will also be replacing the five-horsepower water pump and replacing it with a smaller pump. The larger pump was exacerbating the flooding problem. One student also recently got their foot stuck between the stones that were on the fountain because of the distance between the stones, Peterson said.The renovations should be completed within about a month, Peterson said, but it will depend on how quickly they get supplies in. The renovations to the fountain, which was finished in July 1992, will cost about $15,000, Peterson said.Planning for the renovations began about six months ago, and since that time, the leaking had gotten worse. The fountain has been shut off for due to a city ordinance brought on by drought conditions.”It just got to the point where we had to do something,” Peterson said. “It is being done to make it more functional and safer for students.”