‘Treat Yo’ Self 2018’: 9 Years later ‘Parks and Rec’ maintains its luster


“Parks and Recreation” is a witty and satirical comedy about Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and her coworkers who work diligently– and at times, not-so-diligently– at the Parks and Recreation department set in a fictional Pawnee, Indiana.

So what’s so unique about this comedy?

Each and every character is unique, relatable and incredibly hilarious in their own way.

For instance, Leslie Knope is the dedicated and hardworking deputy director of the department. She is an inspirational and iconic role model. She is a great example of what the government should be like. Knope is a great friend who’s committed to making her friends feel happy and loved. Her character is written to be a strong female lead whose main goal is to improve and serve her community.

Then there’s Andy Dwyer, played by Chris Pratt, who’s incredibly unpredictable and lovable. His character is incredibly hilarious but also dumb, which makes his scene more anticipatory and exciting. One of Andy’s most iconic moments has to be when he and April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) went to the hospital and tried to run away after seeing their medical bill, to which he yells: “Dine and dash,” before briefly running into an ambulance.

A fan favorite in this series would be Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), a relatable and interesting character. He hates the government and is not afraid to speak his mind or to fight for what he believes in. Despite his rough exterior, Ron Swanson has a soft spot for Leslie and his friends despite being different from them. One his most remarkable scenes with his character had to be when he was in a diner and ordered a party platter served for 12. When the waiter informs him of this, Ron responds with: “I know what I’m about son.” Another iconic moment would be when he pulled out his tooth and one of his coworkers, Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari), fainted. He then admitted that the dentist had already pull the tooth out but he wanted to prove to his coworkers that he is, “capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of pain.” This scene was the whole reason why I decided to watch the show.

“Parks and Recreations” not only has interesting characters, but it also contains some touching and good messages which are: a sense of community, loyalty, and dedication.

Leslie Knope shows a strong sense of community. She attends meetings to hear out residents complaints and tries to address them. One of her successful moments of serving a community was when she turned a dangerous lot that was a pit filled with rocks and steel into a park that children now play on. Leslie along with her coworkers show their love and loyalty to each other by helping the other out and staying by their side through difficult times. Leslie shows her appreciation for her friendship when she creates Galentine’s Day which is celebrated a  day before Valentine’s day. Galentine’s Day is a day where Leslie and her female friends eat together and give each other gifts in celebration of their friendship.

The series will not only make you laugh but it will also touch your heart. Remember to take the advice of Donna Meagle (Retta), and “treat yo self”.