Campus pool back in operation following lack of adherence to city code

The Recreation and Convocation Center (RCC) Pool reopened after a brief closure threatened to move the swim club’s practices elsewhere.

Due to a failure to adhere to city code, it closed indefinitely on Jan. 24. But within 24 hours, the Department of Recreation and Wellness worked with the city inspector to ensure the drains and pumps were up to standard, according to Andy Lemons, Director of Campus Recreation, allowing the pool to resume normal operation.

 “Through the diligence of our facilities department and our Assistant Director of Recreation & Wellness, we were able to minimize the closure so the pool would remain available to our faculty, staff, and students,” Lemons said.

The drains were originally deemed to be in violation, according to Lemons, but further inspection by the city indicated that they were in fact up to code.

“Had we not been able to investigate further; Clint and Facilities did that work; and find a solution as quick as we did, it would have remained closed,” Lemons said.  

Andy Dunklee, captain of the St. Edward’s University Swim Club, said that the team was initially told they would need to find a new location for their practice and was relieved when the pool was reopened.

“Fortunately rec-well was able to resolve the situation and we were able to start practices normally on Monday, January 29,” Dunklee said. “We are grateful the pool is in functioning order and we hope that it will continue to be operational for a long time to come.”

If the pool should come offline again, Lemons said there is a plan in place to work with club leadership to move practices to city pools that are close by, like Stacy Pool, located less than a mile away from campus.