New Year, New Movies: 8 films to look out for in 2018

As we hope and pray 2018 will be a reprieve from the chaos and uncertainty of the past year, I would like to propose something hopeful: film. 2018 is loaded full of promising and interesting film releases, and here are eight (in no particular order) that I’m looking forward to.

Black Panther: Sure, it’s corny to start off with a Marvel film, but come on, it’s “Black Panther.” With a cast that includes Chadwick Bosemen, Lupita Nyong’o, Angela Bassett and Daniel Kaluuya, this film is off to a great start, even through the chops of the actors alone, and God knows we need a predominantly black superhero film. You certainly took your time Marvel, but hey, better late than never.


The Incredibles 2: If any Pixar film deserves a sequel, it is “The Incredibles.” With groundbreaking animation techniques and a narrative that perfectly sets up serial films, I cannot wait to see what they pull off next.


Eighth Grade: Films led by adolescent girls are few and far between, and ones that portray emotional complexity and humanity in these characters are even more so. It’s an interesting choice for first time director and comedian Bo Burnham, and one I’m eager to see play out.


The Nun: It’s been five years since critically acclaimed horror film “The Conjuring” came out, and the series has made some surprisingly effective sequels and companions in the meantime, including “The Conjuring 2” and “Annabelle: Creation” (the first “Annabelle” was bad, mind you, but they can’t all be winners). It’s rare to have successful horror sequels, and even more rare for them to be worth the ticket price, but with any luck, they can continue the trend of chilling horror flicks.


Crazy Rich Asians: Based on Kevin Kwan’s book of the same name, “Crazy Rich Asians” is a film in which stars five Asian actors of various origins, including the illustrious Constance Wu. Given Hollywood’s consistent failure to produce films with virtually any Asian characters, I hope “Crazy Rich Asians” can catch us up to speed.


Isle of Dogs: The latest animated flick from director Wes Anderson, “Isle of Dogs” concerns a dystopian Japan and a (you guessed it) island of dogs. The aesthetic is the same quirky, eccentric tone of Anderson’s previous films, which is always a visual and narrative treat. And let’s be honest, it’s Wes Anderson. Even if it’s not good we’re going to pretend it is.


Thoroughbreds: With Olivia Cooke, Anya Taylor-Joy and Anton Yelchin before his untimely death, “Thoroughbreds” seems to be a drama thriller in the same vein as “Heathers,” with a sharp wit and a keen directorial style that promises to be both fun and exciting. And honestly? Narratives about teenage girls killing bad men is a 2018 mood.


Deadpool 2: The success of the first “Deadpool” film was huge for Ryan Reynolds, and a treat for anyone who could sneak into an R-rated film. The film broke several commercial records and was overall just a delight. So with any luck, director David Leitch can reach the bar set by Tim Miller and create a sequel to the same standards.