Disappointed fans petition following Joss Whedon’s ‘Justice League’

The news of “Justice League” flopping in theaters comes as no surprise after actually sitting down in theaters and watching it. Let’s face it, fans of DC should have seen this coming when it was announced Joss Whedon would be stepping in to finish the long awaited “Justice League.”

Zack Snyder, director of both “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman,” announced in May that he would not be completing the film, due to a family tragedy. Warner Brothers had their vision for the film, and when Snyder’s work wasn’t meeting their expectations, Whedon was brought in to tweak up the script. Once Snyder was finally out of the picture, Whedon came in and did his reshoots, ultimately creating the jumbled mess that released in theaters on Nov. 17.

Honestly, the film wasn’t completely terrible. There are still bits and pieces of Snyder’s original vision, and the cast managed to keep the film enjoyable. The new characters really steal the show, and Wonder Woman really rises to the occasion and becomes the leader the league needs. The musical scores stay true to their designated characters and the plot kept viewers hooked.

However, there is still more bad than good when it comes to Whedon’s cut of “Justice League.” Though only 20% of Whedon’s reshoots are in the film, it still manages to affect the film; it’s evident in how messy and incoherent the tone of the film is. Is “Justice League” a serious film? Is it a hokey mess full of dubbed in one-liners? It can’t be both.

Frankly, Whedon tried to make “Justice League” too much like his previous “Avengers” films. While the tone of the “Avengers” films fit well, the DC Universe has always had a different tone from the Marvel Universe, and that was never necessarily a bad thing.

Aside from the confusing tone, Whedon added in his usual dose of objectification toward women. A lot of the re-shoots involved upskirt shots, and a scene where the Flash falls onto Wonder Woman’s chest, mirroring a scene from “Age of Ultron” where Bruce Banner fell into Black Widow’s cleavage.

Other scenes of Snyder’s were completely thrown out, including numerous scenes revolving around Cyborg and his past before the accident which led to his enhancements. Mera’s introduction is completely cut out, and Lois Lane, a character which Snyder fought tooth and nail to keep in Superman’s plot line, is only in the film for three scenes. Two of those three include a joke about her being “thirsty” and her telling Superman “you smell good.”

Lastly, the climax was insanely disappointing. One thing “Man of Steel,” “Batman v Superman” and “Wonder Woman” had in common, was that the heroes, who all appeared to be unstoppable forces, met their immovable objects. Superman fought against Zod, Superman,Batman and Wonder Woman faced off against Doomsday, and Wonder Woman battled with Ares. The Justice League never meets their immovable object, the final battle with Steppenwolf is anti-climactic and ultimately weakens the film.

Over 70,000 fans have signed a petition for Warner Brothers to release Snyder’s cut of Justice League, which is totally understandable. Snyder’s cut had potential and though he was never able to finish the film, his vision held more promise than Whedon’s. If anything, hopefully this will provide incentive to keep Whedon away from the upcoming “Batgirl” film.