9FlixFix – The Great British Baking Show

The Great British Baking Show is a feel-good series to de-stress and cuddle up on the couch to.

The Great British Baking Show (2010-present) is a PBS TV series consists of one-hour episodes filled with delicious baked goods and fun commentary.

The show is a baking competition, but the best part is that everyone on the show is just happy to be there and can laugh at their mistakes; no one is out to get anyone else. Their camaraderie and love for baking is what shines through in the end.

The two judges are Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry—and yes, you heard that right. Mary is the sweetest grandmother persona to be a judge. Another great thing about this duo is that they know their craft through and through.

There are also two hosts of the show, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. They are the comic relief when needed, particularly during judging and the last-minute stress of each challenge, but are also just another cheerful addition to the show.

The show is held in an outdoor tent in the English countryside, which is a lovely backdrop for a day full of baking. The lush green fields, resident sheep and  nearby castle give the show all a nice touch. The contestants also come from all over the United Kingdom, so there’s plenty of fun accents to enjoy.

Each episode brings something new for the contestants. Through watching them progress, you can learn a little about the skill that goes into baking from scratch and how each person has their own strategy going in. Over the course of each baking day, the bakers are interviewed so you can get to know them and their attitude toward baking; everyone is just happy to be there.

For each weekly episode, the contestants have to go through three rounds, which are labeled as the signature, technical and showstopper.

The showstopper challenge is the most fun to watch. Each baker puts their absolute best ideas to the test, and as the audience we get to learn about how they can create their tasty masterpieces. Some of the flavor ideas or even things to bake were new and interesting to learn about, while watching the good-humored show.

The competition is held over a series of weeks, the end of which is a finale picnic with all of the current season’s prior contestants and their families gathered to cheer on the last three bakers. The grand prize is an engraved cake plate and the joy of being crowned the Star Baker of the competition.

The Great British Baking Show can be rather exciting at times and you are sure to have some favorites in mind, but everyone is just so pleasant that you can’t go wrong with this show. You may even get inspired to try out baking too.