The weather is definitely changing in Austin and it’s just about time for some outdoor studying. Here are a few of the best outdoor study spots on St. Edward’s campus that you may not have tried yet.

If you go St. Edward’s, you likely already know the usual haunts of the study-savy:

  • Tables on the stair side of Moody

  • Tables outside of Jo’s/on the side of the book store

  • Tables between the Carriage House and the book store

In front of Main Building

This grassy area is perfect for spreading out your workspace — with or without a blanket — all with the awesome view of the Austin skyline. Here you don’t need to worry about having enough room to spread out, and you can even come chill in the grass beneath the trees when you need to de-stress.

Benches around Sorin Oak

We all walk by this area quite often every day, but it’s actually a rather peaceful place to study or read. There are traditional park benches encircling our beloved Sorin Oak, and the tree’s canopy provides plenty of cool shade. The benches are long, so you can put your feet up or share with a friend.

Under the latticework on the ramp side of Moody

Here you have an option between regular tables to spread your work out on, two wooden swings or stone seating areas by the fountain. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and it’s nice to be under the shade of the budding vines or next to the flowing water of the fountain. Not too many people go there at any given time, so it’s worth checking out. (Note: near smoking areas, so it depends on how fresh the air is).

Grass! (by the Moody stairs and between Moody and Main Building)

I feel that a nice patch of grass in the shade or sun is underrated as a great study spot to relax. To be one with nature and sprawl out on the greenery is what makes our campus so beautiful. You won’t bump into anyone, you’ll get some fresh air and a peaceful mindset to start into your assignments. Need a break while you’re out? A backpack makes a good impromptu pillow for a nap in the grass.

Tables outside Hunt

There’s always room to sit at the tables outside Hunt hall, and now that the weather is nicer, you’ll get a nice breeze going between the buildings. The landscapers have also installed some flower planters in the area, which gives a pretty touch to the otherwise industrial setting.


Sorin Hall upstairs porch

This spot is likely unknown to most students, but there’s a sun room/porch area on the second floor of Sorin Hall. It is still open-air besides screens to keep away bugs (which is a plus). In the porch area there are stacks of heavy-duty lawn chairs and a table or two. Another nice thing about the Sorin porch is that you get a view of the trees and grassy areas on the side of Moody and JBWS.