SGA approves fractions of funding requests from student organizations


With 92.8 percent of its semester budget now allocated to student organizations, the Student Government Association is critically considering how much money goes where.

“Senators, I don’t think we can approve an amount higher than $400,” Sen. Josue Damian-Martinez said, reminding the senate that SGA has been meeting with other clubs that will potentially make funding requests throughout the semester.

At the most recent SGA meeting Oct. 26, the student-elected senators amended two funding requests, providing organizations with a fraction of the amounts being requested. 

By the end of the night, $715.59 remained for organizations to use this fall, per SGA Chief Financial Officer Cameron Galvan. 

Picking up where SGA left off the week before, senators debated a previously-tabled request from the Forensic Association Committed to Truth (FACT), who requested $910 for a Mystery Murder Dinner Nov. 12. 

Previously, FACT had said that the $1,160 social event would not be considered a fundraiser. Although the forensics team is willing to contribute $250, the organization was heavily relying on funds from SGA to cover the remaining costs.

 The first suggestion to approve $600 failed with a 7-4 vote. Of the 11 senators present, Sen. Carlos Alpuche, Sen. Celine Cottenoir, Sen. Miguel Escoto and Sen. Derek Hunter voted to approve this amount.

 FACT representatives told SGA that the separate $341.73 in their account would be used to purchase food for meetings, as well as supplies to set up science stations at elementary schools.

Sen. Andi Theis said, “My thought is if you have money to be used for things like educating students or educating your peers, holding an event that you can’t particularly afford doesn’t seem viable, sensible.”

 The senate then motioned to amend the request to allow $311.26. This motioned passed 9-2, with Alpuche and Hunter voting no, preferring the failed amount of $600. In the final 8-1-2 vote, Hunter voted no, while Alpuche and Sen. Sofia Ojeda chose to abstain.

 After releasing a long sigh, FACT members left, declining to provide Hilltop Views with a comment.

 Moreover, the second funding request was to New Literati, a student publication who was requesting funds to help organize a fundraiser Nov. 9.

 The publication was requesting $228.09 to hold a succulent sale, but did not have plans to contribute any money towards the event from the $357.06 in the organization’s account.

 This unwillingness to contribute funds towards the event did not sit well with senators, who asked how they planned to use the money currently in the account. 

 New Literati Co-President Amanda Markoe said officers of the organization are in the process of setting up a $100+ website, and trying to make the jump to a better-quality printed journal next semester. 

 Last year, New Literati hosted a similar fundraiser, which reportedly earned more than $500. 

 Alpuche then said, “Usually for people requesting fundraisers, we usually put in about half of the fundraising costs, and the organization usually puts in the other half.”

 Markoe agreed New Literati should split some of the costs, citing the reason they did not contribute from the beginning was because officers were unaware of the $357.06 in the account. 

 Alpuche then motioned to allocate half the funds. Escoto disagreed and suggested SGA pays 75 percent, saying that the costs of New Literati’s website costs warranted more money.

 The $170 amount passed 8-3, with “no” votes coming from Alpuche, Sen. Maya Boehm and Sen. Avi Laudon.

 Prior to the amendment vote, Sen. Brisa Martinez commented to Alpuche, “It seems like you want to dock money because their fundraiser is going to be successful.” Alpuche then responded, “That’s exactly it.”