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Topper TV director forgoes strict leadership for relaxed style

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Every so often, senior Jason Garcia lays in bed with Lord Rupert— his adopted cat.

“He is a Siamese and he has very pretty fur, but his personality is so big,” Garcia said. “He’s a bit sassy, majestic and likes to be the center of your attention, but he’s super sweet and basically my son.”

But most of the time, he’s the executive director of Topper TV.

“I oversee all the projects, make sure content is being produced and put out on time, handle all communication with any outside organizations who want to collaborate or offer opportunities that are fitting for our members,” Garcia said.

Garcia has been involved in Topper TV since he was a freshman after getting some filming experience in high school.

“I enjoy seeing growth from the members whether it’s a rising leader or content producer or whatever,” Garcia said. “I know filming is a major passion for the majority of the people who join, which is why I try to run my meetings like a real production studio so they can get some sort of experience but also feel proud about the things they create.”

Garcia’s leadership style is helpful in running meetings and guiding Topper TV members to success.

“As far as my leadership style goes, I like to be very personable and relaxed rather than very strict or intimidating, and I think that’s where my personality type kicks in,” Garcia said. It really helps with meeting goals, creating momentum with my group or just building that sort of connection with other members so that we could be more productive and meetings won’t be so bland or wasteful.”

Aside from the campus’s aesthetic, Garcia chose to attend St. Edward’s because he thought it would provide more opportunities than bigger schools— such was the case with Topper TV.

“After my freshman year, there wasn’t really anyone other than myself and one other person in the organization [everyone was either graduating or quitting],” Garcia said. “My friend and I were the only two who wanted to keep it going, so we made ourselves co-directors until she graduated which left me in charge of everything.”

On Garcia’s busiest days, he has obligations from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Although this doesn’t leave much time for television, Garcia does have a few favorite shows.

“I’m into ‘The Crown’ because I’m obsessed with historical dramas, and ‘American Horror Story’ because I like to see all the creativity that goes into the stories; it’s also just very entertaining to me,” Garcia said.

Garcia hopes to eventually produce large scale events like South by Southwest and Austin City Limits.

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Topper TV director forgoes strict leadership for relaxed style