After a long wait, the official trailer for “The Last Jedi” has finally released. From the looks of it, this film is going to be a lot like “The Force Awakens” in terms of how it parallels the original films. While “The Force Awakens” did have new factors that drew audiences to the film (aside from the fact it’s another “Star Wars” episode), it still had a lot of details similar to the original films.

These parallels are understandable considering the history of the galaxy within the “Star Wars” universe. Concerning the similarities between the First Order and the Empire, and the Resistance and the Rebellion are understandable. But the fact of the matter is, “The Last Jedi” will have too many parallels to the original films.

The first similarity, Rey and Luke. The teaser trailer released in April made it seem like Luke was going to be open to training Rey, despite saying the Jedi needed to end. However, in the recent trailer, it looked more like a Luke and Yoda situation.

To say Yoda was hesitant to train Luke is an understatement. Yoda outright refused to train him several times, until Obi-Wan finally talked him into it. Compare this to what we have seen so far; Luke tells Rey that the first time he saw strength like hers it didn’t scare him, but now it does.

It’s clear Luke is going to refuse to train her until something wears him down. After his refusal, we see clips of Rey encountering a shadow figure in some sort of cavern, much like Luke encountering the hallucination of Vader when he was training.

Luke also warns Rey that something she is planning won’t go the way she thinks, we then see her confronting Kylo Ren. This is a parallel of Luke offering to join Vader in “Return of the Jedi.” In the next clip, we see Supreme Leader Snoke and then Rey being held by the force against her will. Again, another parallel to when Luke offered to join Vader.

Once the Emperor had Luke in his midst, he began torturing Luke in order to get him to turn to the dark side. This clip could be hinting that Snoke will torture Rey until she joins the dark side.

The similarities are enough to set back the movie in terms of storytelling, but the new aspects may be enough to save it.

While Leia was supposed to be our way of zeroing in on the Rebellion, she was somewhat sidelined in the original films. Now we have Poe and newcomer, Rose Tico, to help give a closer look at the Resistance. Last but not least, we have Finn. There was no character in the original films who provided a story like Finn’s. The whole five seconds we saw of him in the trailer were the most compelling out of the 2:34 minutes that were essentially copy pasted from the original trilogy.

Yes, the overuse of parallels will probably weaken the overall tone of “The Last Jedi,” and yes it will be disappointing. But the new aspects of the story may be enough to save the film and keep the audience engaged.