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9 ways to stop getting parking tickets

Edgar Acosta

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My name is Edgar Acosta and I’m a Student Court Justice for the Student Government Association. Part of my role is to consider all parking and transportation citation appeals from students. I wrote this article with Scott Burnotes, assistant vice president of campus safety, to inform our student body about parking regulations on campus. These ten tips are a fraction of the appeals that we frequently receive from students. These aren’t all the rules for parking, for more information go to www.stedwards.edu/parking.

  1. Get a parking permit 

    1. Unless you want to keep paying $50 for a ticket, I’d recommend you get it as soon as possible. All vehicles on campus must have a valid SEU parking permit 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

  1. Know your parking lots

    1. This one is very important. We have different colored parking lots on campus and I recommend you get familiar with them. If the color of your parking pass does not match the color of the parking lot, you will get ticketed. 

    2. The garage and adjacent surface lots are always available to vehicles with any valid SEU parking permit.

    3. The commuter/staff and faculty lots are available to vehicles with any valid SEU parking permit from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. on weekdays and all day on the weekends. You still must have a valid SEU permit to park there. From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays, only permit holders with the corresponding colored permit can park in the aforementioned lots.

  2. Don’t park on the curb.

    1. There is no curb parking anywhere around the university. We are in a small, cozy campus, and curb parking causes unnecessary congestion and traffic.

  3. Don’t park in reserved parking spots. 

    1. I know what you are thinking, “Who would park there, those are obviously restricted.” Well, it happens more often than you think and it is the fastest way to be towed. Each spot is painted “Reserved,” so read all signage before parking. 

    2. I still know what you are thinking, “I will only be a second” or “It is after hours it is okay if I park there.”  Wrong. The reserved spots are strictly enforced and it can cost $250 to get your car back from the towing company. It is not worth it.  

  4. If you are parking on St. Edwards Drive or any in neighboring streets, be a good neighbor.

    1. Do not block or park too close to intersections, stop signs or residential driveways. 

    2. Obey the speed limit and other traffic laws.

  1. Don’t block delivery entrances or fire hydrants. 

    1. If it has a big white gate in front and doesn’t have any lines, it’s not a parking spot. Furthermore, parking by a fire hydrant is illegal on and off campus. 

  2. Don’t move barriers to park. 

    1. Yes, this happened. Our university sometimes blocks certain spots for an event or a safety issue. It’s done for a reason, so don’t move the barrier to park.  

  3. Time management  

    1. We always get appeals saying, “I’m running late to class…” or “I had a really important meeting…” We get it, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you are taking a parking spot from a person who paid for that spot. 

  4. Know your resources

    1. Your safety is our priority. If you feel unsafe walking at night, call the University Police Department (512-448-8444), they will take you back to your residence hall. 

    2. There is no free parking on campus. Everyone must have a permit. Please make sure you follow the process below if you have a visitor.

    3. If you are a visitor, get a visitors parking permit at the card office on the first floor of Main Building. 

    4. Get a temporary parking pass if you have another vehicle for the day at the same place stated above. We understand that sometimes you might have car trouble and need to bring another vehicle to school. 

    5. You must have a government issued handicap permit and a valid SEU parking permit to park in a handicap space.

    6. Got a ticket? Appeal it – it’s your right, but you only have 10 days. Go to www.stedwards.edu/parking for details on the appeal process.

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9 ways to stop getting parking tickets