Bizarre fashion trends dominate ACL, but we’re not surprised

The ‘RompHim’ makes a few appearances at this year’s ACL Fest

Another year of Austin City Limits, another year of fashion trends. Here are some of the most noteworthy fashion trends at ACL 2017. 

Glitter, glitter everywhere: Copious amounts of glitter any and everywhere you can imagine took the cake on this year’s most popular fashion trend at ACL Fest. Gold and silver glitter decorated the temple, nose and other protruding places of the face to act as an exaggerated highlight seen in recent makeup trends.

The highlight obsession even migrated to collarbones for that extra accentuation. Glitter made its way into the blunt part of the roots in a variety of hairstyles — middle parts, pigtails, space buns and more; a bit messy, but very glamorous and sparkly.

Flash tattoos are still alive: You thought that flash tattoos had buried themselves deep into the festival fashion archives? Think again, flash tattoos live another day; adorning arms, legs, wrists and down chests. These pieces of faux jewelry created the look of jewelry without the fear of losing a bracelet or necklace.

Bandanas… as shirts?: Bandanas are back and as strong as ever. Bandanas of a wide array of colors and designs rest on attendees’ necks—some with the intention of fashion, some with the intention of hiding their neck from the Texas sun.

What was especially interesting this year was seeing bandanas used as shirts. The bandana folded to create a triangle transformed into a shirt by simply tying the two corners on the back.

Mesh + Flowers: Another prevalent trend included a variety of black mesh shirts with stitched roses and flowers that cover the breasts. The trend proved both fashionable and breathable for scorching hot ACL days filled with packed, sweat-inducing crowds.

Male Rompers: Every once in a while, you could catch some men sporting the 2017 “RompHim” trend. The few male romper-wearers proudly strode across Zilker park wearing their shirt-shorts one piece in a variety of colors and patterns.