Thespians get drunk in pursuit of Shakespeare


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Shit-Faced Shakespeare at Spider House Ballroom is an outrageously funny production that combines adult humor with the amusing pitfalls associated with drinking.

The company is currently performing “Much Ado About Nothing” by William Shakespeare. Inexpensive tickets of $15 per person surely make this show worthwhile; 18+ ID is required at the door.

Full bar, great host and a cast of six fill up the room with laughs and other merriment.

The Oct. 27 performance presented the lead role of Beatrice, who got white-girl wasted for the humor of the show. As for her love interest, Benedick, his soldier outfit wasn’t complete without a bit of phallic imagery attached in the pelvic region. This being said, the show was not lacking in adult humor and had the audience roaring with laughter. My companion to the show even did an involuntary spit take to one of the humorous jibes.

To involve the audience, two members were given a trumpet and a gong for one-use each–the use of which would then signal it was time to give the intoxicated member of the cast another drink. Another funny interruption was of the drunk actress running past the audience announcing that she had to go to the ladies room, swiftly being chased by the host with a towel.

In addition, a male audience member was brought on stage to participate as the role of a promiscuous maid. The said maid had to act out sexual relations with the actor playing Count Don John. To say the least, a short man (the Count) had to lift the audience member up and do a bit of pelvic work; the audience member was definitely a good sport about it and played along.

Boos, hisses and cheers are highly encouraged. The stage is small and close in proximity to the audience, so it is a must to participate in the wildness that will ensue over the course of an hour.

By about halfway through the production, Beatrice (our drunk of the evening) was talking to the audience uttering, “Bitch, what?” and other profanities to go along with her role. She was impressive in delivering her lines quite well regardless of her intoxication, and her drunkenness merely added to the overall humor of the comedic play.

The rest of the cast were great at adjusting to their cast member’s drunkenness, and that aspect made the performance even more original and entertaining. They knew each of their character’s demeanors and therefore could ad-lib as needed without a hitch.

CAUTION: Don’t go to this show with your parents or anyone else you’d be embarrassed to watch sexual content with. You’ll thank me later.