We’ve all been there. You have a 15-minute break between classes. You’re almost at the counter and on your way to your seminar, but the person just in front of you can’t seem to decide on what they want. Resist the urge to smack them over the head and instead direct them to this: a handy guide to the top ten best drinks at the Jo’s on campus.

10. Chai Tea Latte While one could argue that “Chai tea” is redundant, the latte part is not, and that’s what really matters here. It’s a great drink for those that want the sweet taste of chai without losing the caffeine trip of a latte.

9. Belgian Bomber Just a step away from the Turbo but somehow lacking the same snap, the Belgian Bomber is a quick and tasty drink that’ll get you back to that paper you procrastinated on.

8. Peach Pear Smoothie The smoothie alone is such a nice drink, but the peach pear smoothie feels strong enough on its own to warrant a place on this esteemed list. Refreshing enough for the summer, cozy for the fall, this drink is an interseasonal dream.

7. Mocha Mocha has the benefit of being a chocolate treat without needing to sacrifice the complexity of coffee in the process. It’s bitter, it’s sweet, it’s what you expected coffee to taste like when you were a child. It’s mocha.

6. Cafe au Lait What can I say, kids? It’s a classic for a reason. Reliable and nothing fancy, a cafe au lait is a great pick-me-up and an excellent tool to help maintain the illusion of adulthood.

5. Raspberry Pomegranate Italian Soda Crisp, refreshing, and reminiscent of Persephone’s garden, this Italian soda can be enjoyed with or without cream and can still put a kick in your step.

4. Hot Chocolate A blast from the past, a good hot chocolate can warm even the most jaded senior’s heart. Topped with whipped cream and cocoa or cinnamon, it’s a sweet alternative to coffee and great with a pastry.

3. Blackberry Mandarin Italian Soda A surprisingly tasty combination, this soda is especially good with cream, sealing the tart and sweet mix of the blackberry and mandarin with a rich finish that’s a festive way to bid adieu to Summer.

2. London Fog Sweater weather at St. Edward’s is woefully short, but this drink can alleviate that issue. Tasting like Fall incarnate, there’s a simplicity to this drink that makes the basic tea and milk combo charming and perfect for melancholic or phlegmatic types.

1. Turbo What can be said about the Turbo? That it’s iconic? Delicious? Like if God cried coffee tears and it was sold as a drink? It’s a quick drink if you’re in a hurry, sweet enough for the average coffee drinker, complex enough to be enjoyed by coffee elitists and really gets that coffee spirit going.