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Savvy Minerals is a makeup line branched from Young Living Essential Oils. It promises all day wear, natural and affordable high-end makeup. The “Young Living Mini Beauty School” was held at the DoubleTree Hotel by Kerri Bishop and Kim Prather. Savvy Minerals provides all ingredient information on their website to ensure no toxins or harsh chemicals are in the products.

“Green” and cruelty-free beauty has been a rising trend in not only the Austin area, but the beauty industry itself. Large high-end brands such as Tarte, TooFaced, Kat Von D Beauty and several more are taking a stand for cruelty-free products. Though not all products can claim to be natural, Savvy Minerals is another large brand stepping towards a greener thumb.

Kerri Bishop said, “I have seen huge benefits from this product and that has gotten me so passionate about this company.”

“I really didn’t wear much [makeup] for a really long time…A lot of the products I’ve used before, if I used them on a consistent basis, they would make me break out.” Kim Prather said. The solution, it seemed, was Savvy Minerals. Prather shared her personal experience of having softer, clear skin when using the product consistently. It simplified her busy life and encouraged the use of makeup products.

The green thumb kept on rolling in the skincare discussion. The skincare products were sensitive-skin-friendly. Prather reminded the audience that the line was great for teenagers and textured skin. Adult acne was a personal struggle for Prather and she proudly bore clear skin that evening. What was her secret? Good skincare and being mindful of what goes into your skin.

The tickets bought each guest a synthetic set of kabuki brushes. Each guest was allowed to grab a sample of what they desired to try from the brand and place an order of what they loved. The entire line seemed marketed to individuals who either don’t know a lot about makeup or simply do not have the time to apply Instagram-worthy amounts of product. The easy application screams for time-stressed students.

The foundation was exclusive purely for paler skin tones, offering nearly six options from Cool 1 to Warm 3. There were only four options for darker skin tones, which leaves part of the market outreached. Prather said the best way to apply their powder product was immediately after moisturizer and wetting the foundation brush before application. This method guaranteed a natural, sheer finish. The product was able to blur skin, but not completely cover blemishes.

The eyeshadows felt buttery and soft. They applied easily with fingers or brushes. The color range is fairly nude. The most dramatic color provided was a shimmery purple named  “Determined.” Powder eyeliner pots were presented, though they could easily be used for more dramatic looks.

The bronzer, veil (highlighter) and blush were available in all shimmer-based applications. The products itself were high quality. The products are light weight. The end result with all the products was to create a natural glowing appearance.

The only flaw in the product line seemed to be the amount of fallout. Since the line is mineral based, fallout can be expected, but it does waste quite a bit of product.

Despite the shortcomings, Savvy Minerals could be the next brand for our classy, lazy girls. The brand provides a natural and cruelty-free makeup line that touches up rather than smothering your natural features.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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