13Annual Events

Blues on the Hill:

In typical Austin fashion, the University Programming Board hosts a series of concerts throughout the spring semester. Showcasing student and local talent, these Blues events provide a great opportunity to hear live music and connect with the community on the hilltop. The musical variety is expansive; students have the ability to listen to acts ranging from actual blues to rap to R&B. Bring blankets to sit on, snacks to enjoy and have a good time listening to music on the lawn between Basil Moreau and Dujarie halls.

16th Annual Hillfest (Friday, Sept. 8)

To kick off the school year, St. Edward’s hosts a carnival-style event replete with Austin’s famous food trucks, a ferris wheel, and either live music or a DJ. The day is loads of fun for students old and new alike. Blow-up obstacle courses and other attractions are set up in the parking lot of the Mary Moody Theater for everyone to attempt on this last of the Welcome Days events. Perhaps the greatest allure of all are the free t-shirts printed on-site. This hallmark event is the perfect way to start off the school year; come prepared to have a good time.

Festival of Lights:

What St. Edward’s doesn’t have in the way of snow, it makes up for in lights. Visit St. Edward’s annual Festival of Lights held during the second week of December. Prayer and song are combined in an event held on the Main Building lawn, followed by a reception in Ragsdale Center hosted by the St. Edward’s University Music program. But before you celebrate the Advent season with the chorus, take advantage of the photo op of the season — a Main Building selfie in front of live oaks covered in lights.

Welcome Days:

Ease your transition from summertime to the school year with the university’s Welcome Days. The series of events begins on Sunday, Aug. 27 and concludes with this year’s 16th annual Hillfest on Friday, Sept. 8. For a portable, livefeed schedule of Welcome Days events, download the official mobile app at https://guidebook.com/app/SEU/. Tip from former freshmen: Welcome Days are a great way to make friends —  don’t skip!


As a last hurrah before the end of the school year, the University Programming Board began a new tradition in spring 2017: the ENDPOINT concert. Hosting both locally and nationally known artists — rapper KYLE headlined the inaugural show — the university created a great way to celebrate the end of the year and the coming of summer. Students deserve a party before the hassle of finals week; bring your friends and enthusiasm and prepare for a worthwhile experience and yet another free t-shirt. Oh, and did we mention that admission is free for St. Edward’s students?


Every year, Residence Life holds a halloween party in Dujarie. A costume contest is usually held in the residence hall along with a haunted house in the neighboring hall, Casa. More festive decorations adorn the common room of Dujarie while decorations ranging from ghoulish to gory cover the rooms and hallways of Casa. If you’re not one for sudden scares, you have the option to participate in the haunted house as an actor by talking to someone who supervises the Haunted House that you know of. That way you’re able to dress up in a creepy costume and scare the pants off any unfortunate students. This year, Halloween will be on a Tuesday, what’s more terrifying than that?