Editor’s Note

Mental health is an issue that is prevalent in our society and the St. Edward’s University community is not immune to it.

Many students, faculty and staff members live with a mental health issue or have dealt with one at some point in their lives. Being in a college setting is stressful and makes this an issue that should be especially important to our community. But for an issue that affects such a vast amount of people, it is hardly talked about. We see a problem with this and we want to help.

The Hilltop Views staff has decided to dedicate this special issue to discussing mental health issues and specifically looking at our St. Edward’s community. While dealing with mental health issues will always be difficult, we hope that the stories, resources and articles in this issue can help to open up conversation on our campus and beyond. We understand we can’t cover every topic, but our goal is that this sparks the necessary conversation to make this topic easier to discuss. 

These conversations are necessary if we are to erase damaging stigmas and falsehoods surrounding mental health. Our hope for this special issue is that readers can learn, find resources and be empowered to change the way we relate to mental health issues in our local St. Edward’s community and in our world.