Satirical Magazine B-Hooved rebrands itself: new name, new goat, same humor


Satirical magazine B-Hooved had a launch party for its first print edition, which will be out later this semester. 

B-Hooved, the campus humor magazine, is in the works of rebranding itself with the help of a BoJack Horseman-like mascot and a new name.

Previously known as Fool’s Gold, the publication regularly takes on humor writing, particularly satirical news stories. Now, the publication aims to have a focus on St. Edward’s issues.

B-Hooved faculty advisor Beth Eakman had Nico Campbell as a student for his rhetoric and composition class. It was then that she noticed Campbell’s niche for humor writing, particularly after he wrote a dramatic paper to spite her.

Campbell recalled a conversation with Eakman when she said, “I feel like you’re not quite taking it seriously and you’re writing a lot of humor, so let’s see if you can expand a little bit and test some new muscles.”

Now, Campbell is the creative director of B-Hooved, which hosted a launch party at Jo’s this month, to celebrate their goal to producing a print edition each semester.

“We wouldn’t do anything mean or ill-intentioned, but no one is safe,” Campbell said.

Topics covered in the magazine this academic year have poked fun at parking availability, Goodwill and students having to do introductions at the start of semester.

Deriving inspiration from The Onion and other humor magazines at other institutions, Campbell holds standards akin to those publications.

“We’ll use some strong language and sexual references here and there,” Campbell said. “Stuff that college students find funny.”

B-Hooved doesn’t limit themselves to writing, as they also create memes. One meme featured a picture of two police officers laughing and said, “SEU alert: Murder!!! SEU alert: JK.” in reference to university police department sending a mass text in February 2016 that a homicide took place on campus.

Another way the publication is rebranding themselves is in expansion plans. Approximately seven staff members handle the website, social media and writing weekly stories, but the publication would like to increase the amount of outside submissions, especially given that most current staffers will be graduating. B-Hooved accepts anything from listicles and satirical stories to open letters.

“We’re still a baby now, but we’re just seeing if we can try and make it a more fully fledged org, something more in common with Cabra or New Literati,” Editor-in-Chief Ryan Wheeler said, noting that the publication is relatively new.

Though Wheeler likes writing in general, B-Hooved allows her to practice her favorite style.

“I’ve always been a sarcastic, dry humor kind of person so satirical writing is kind of second nature and it uses a higher level of creativity than most writing does,” she said. “You have to think about it a lot harder.”

Wheeler said her interest in humor writing comes from “taking something that may be a little off putting and making it even more off putting to show the social destructiveness of whatever’s going on.”

Though it takes about 15 minutes to walk through the St. Edward’s campus, that may be all that is necessary for writers to spot something off-putting to submit to B-Hooved.

“It can ruffle a few feathers, that’s alright… we want people to be able to express their voices,” Wheeler said.