Hotel San Jose hosts a fun but inauthentic Bavarian night


Bavarian Night


The important thing to know about the Bavarian Night events at Hotel San Jose is while its actual Bavarian-ness is questionable, the evening itself is a fine time.

Held every Tuesday at the Hotel San Jose on South Congress Avenue in January and February, the evening is marked by additional menu items, including mulled wine, pretzels, Bavarian beer, and sausage. There’s also live music, including Thor and Friends, most recent act of Thor Harris, ex-drummer of Swans.

I did have some questions regarding the real Bavarian-ness of a band prominently playing a xylophone, but it was in no way unpleasant. I had a fine time sitting next to the pool with a very strong and likely somewhat overpriced Belgian quadrupel, listening to the music and pretending to belong before wandering along minimalist-decorated paths, lined with understated and subtle borders leading to and from the suites.

The hotel hides it pretty well, but it’s a swanky sort of place. An investigation into the cost of a room for the evening caused me to put down my phone and swear in a manner that would horrify my dear mother. But I imagine that’s to be expected from someplace as nice as this, a cut above most hotels. I retreated to the courtyard to listen to the music after that.

Live music is a staple every Tuesday as long as the Bavarian Night events continue. If Thor and Friends is any indicator, it’s not so much a show as background music, something less to watch than something to flavor the evening, something less about stridency or spectacle and more about accent and shading.

If you’re looking for a solidly German menu, beer list and atmosphere, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. But if you want a quiet, relaxed evening in a tasteful courtyard with some decent music, I’d recommend taking a look at Hotel San Jose.