3Letterfrom Editors

Jacob Rogers

This is a special week for not only St. Edward’s University, but for Hilltop Views as well. This year, Feb. 16, marks the 30th anniversary for the newspaper. Since 1987, we have reported on a number of stories, from tragic deaths, to changes in university administration and even world events and how they affect our local community.

Being at a college newspaper, there is constant turnover — which is only natural as students graduate and move on. It is impossible to speak for everyone who has worked on the Hilltop Views staff since 1987, but in reaching out to past editors while preparing this special issue, we can say everyone we talked to is proud of their time at the paper and the contribution it has made to the St. Edward’s community.

For every issue, for every semester and for 30 years, we pour our hearts and efforts into publishing the best paper possible even with full course loads and strict time constraints. We have used this platform to not only report the news, but also to spark challenging conversations among students and faculty and for that, we could not be prouder.

The student newspaper was first published in 1888, and has undergone numerous changes over the years but the values of truth, clarity and transparency have not wavered. We want to thank all of the people who have laid the groundwork for Hilltop Views since 1987. We especially want to thank all staff, editors and faculty members involved with Hilltop Views over the past 30 years.

The success of this news publication is also largely owed to the support of the student body and faculty who consistently grab print copies on Wednesdays and read online too. We pledge to continue pursuing excellence in journalism.


Jacob Rogers

& Rosemond Crown


Hilltop Views