Quiet, peaceful Bob Ross Netflix provides a relaxing viewing

In June of 2016, Netflix blessed us all with the glorious gift of “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.” As you may have noticed, the painting guru, famous for his fabulous afro and unbelievable optimism, is now available to watch 24/7 via the popular streaming site.

When I was really young, my TV only had 3 channels, one of which was PBS. While other kids were eating their cereal and watching cartoons, I started my mornings with Bob Ross. I was shocked and appalled when I came to realize that many people my age had never actually seen his show.

Each show opens with a miniature Ross dressed in white overalls, holding an enormous paint brush, standing in front of a giant canvas. He begins to move the giant brush up and down, and a beautiful winter scene is photoshopped in with the best special effects the 1990s had to offer. Bob then leaps into the painting, and prances a way. This 30 second opening pretty much sums up the entire series: beautiful, whimsical, and just downright awesome.

As soon as the show begins, you are greeted by a cheery “Hello and welcome!” from Bob Ross himself. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, Bob will bring in his pet squirrels into the studio and show them off in the beginning of the episode. He refers to them as his children and is always adding new additions to his little family.

Not only does this show offer a quirky host and adorable rodents, but his paintings are absolutely superb. His signature landscapes are breathtaking. They make you feel as if you have been transported into a dream world where midterms and student loans simply don’t exist.

What makes the show even better is Ross’s constant positivity and enthusiasm towards whatever he paints. There are no just ordinary trees with him, only “happy little trees.” Some of his signature slogans include, “There are no such thing as mistakes, just happy accidents,” and “Beauty is everywhere—you only have to look to see it.”

One message Ross constantly delivers throughout the show is to go outside and get in touch with nature. I believe this message is especially important for us busy college students. Whether it’s finals week, you’ve just learned who the new Secretary of Education is or you are just having a bad hair day, connecting with nature can help you de-stress and center yourself. In the wise words of Bob Ross, “Just go out and talk to a tree. Make friends with it…There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.”

If you want to feel better about yourself, relax, have a good laugh or just see some really impressive paintings, turn on an episode of Bob Ross. In the span of 27 minutes, Ross will instill in you a newfound love of painting and a glimmer of hope that maybe the world isn’t actually so bad afterall.