Pflugerville Public Library showcases local art and culture

The Pflugerville Public Library is displaying paintings from the Creative Arts Society, an Austin-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting the arts the greater Austin area. The library, located next to Pflugerville High School, regularly rotates the art it displays in its main hall.

“It’s nice to have something beautiful on the walls for the community to appreciate,” said Daniel Berra, assistant director of the library. The library previously displayed photography, and will soon rotate again to show student works from the Pflugerville Independent School District.

The display area, which Berra says is booked 1-2 years out, has displayed everything from fine art to maps and quilts. Located in the library’s main hall and community rooms, the art ranged from small works of abstract art to sprawling pieces feet across.

“We’re focused on the physical space of the library,” Berra said. “We want people to come in and use it for what they want,” he said, referring to Pflugerville residents’ ability to reserve rooms for free for public events.

The current library building, built in 1999 and renovated in 2013, is open to the public. The art on display is on sale through contact with the Creative Arts Society. Art will show from this date until this date?