New Arcade Fire song reminds you have power

Have you been feeling powerless because of events following President Trump’s inauguration? Did you vote for Trump and now have #trumpregrets?

Don’t worry, there are many like you out there. Band Arcade Fire and musician Mavis Staples are here to remind you that you can take your power back!

Though the track was released a few weeks ago, “I Give You Power” projects a haunting and electric yet soulful beat that can relate to many people’s emotions at this time. Our generation, and by generation I mean millennials, and other age groups have taken the responsibility of fighting for what is right both ethically and morally this year. Mavis Staples, a great example and an artist whose music greatly contrasts with that of Arcade Fire, has joined the indie band to show discontentment with the presidential results.

But before I continue, most of us are aware of who Arcade Fire is, but some of you might be asking, “Who is Mavis Staples?” Don’t worry I asked myself the same question and honestly hated myself for not knowing who this queen was.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, the blues and gospel singer has emerged several times during hardships, and is particularly known as a civil rights activist. Now at the age of 77, Staples is voicing her thoughts and beliefs yet again through her powerful and radical vocals.

In the song you hear the singer chant, “I give you power, I can take it away.” And at one point in the background, an organ creeps, which kind of reminds me of “The Phantom of the Opera.” This makes you feel as though you are a force to be reckoned with, and I’m sure, when crafting this piece of art, that it was exactly what Mavis and Arcade Fire wanted you to feel and remember.

Not only do the vocals and organs shake your soul, but the lyrics alone remind you that we build the throne that Donald Trump sits on and we can easily “take it away.”

The song might be repetitive lyrically, but the instruments take you to a land of hope and strength.

“I Give You Power” has been released in two other forms, an instrumental and mix. The mix version, “I Give You Power (Broken Speaker Mix)” focuses more on Staples’ chilling and combative voice, while the instrumental carries you through the the organ, guitar, drums and other stunning instruments that I honestly can’t distinguish.

With many obstacles ahead for Americans, it’s great to have artists like these rekindle and bolster our right to use the power of speech and voice discontentment with the government. So let this single give you that push that you might be missing, and remember that you gave Trump power, but you can also “take it away.”