New teaser for ‘Stranger Things’ eclipses Superbowl

Season two of Stranger Things premieres in October

Season two of ‘Stranger Things’ premieres in October

For Americans not interested in sports, another Super Bowl can seem pretty mundane and pointless. It’s just one of “America’s favorite past times” that many don’t care for. Unless you’re a fan of the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Stranger Things, the Super Bowl may have managed to capture your attention for a whopping 37 seconds.

Since this is only a teaser trailer, and season two airs in eight months, this is the perfect time to evaluate the trailer, come up with some fan theories and make ourselves suffer while we wait to see if we’re right or not.

Theory One: Eleven is alive and was trapped in the Upside Down after she fought the Demogorgon. It was probably obvious that Eleven survived the fight, seeing Chief Hopper deliver those eggos to a strange box in the middle of the woods laid that out in the season finale. In the teaser we see Eleven open her eyes after hearing Mike call out her name, and judging from the lighting on her skin, she is surrounded by darkness. The same blue hue we see is the one used when characters enter the Upside Down. We also know that characters in the Upside Down can hear characters in the regular world, so could Eleven be hearing Mike call out to her after her supposed death?

Theory Two: Chief Hopper is working with the Government. At the end of season one, we see two ominous men in black suits drive off with Hopper in the back seat of their car. The Government probably blackmailed him into working with them to cover up the Upside Down, the Demogorgon and Eleven. There is little evidence to support this in the trailer, but we do get a spine chilling shot of Hopper possibly executing someone or something with a shovel.

Theory Three: Will is getting visions of the Upside Down and is possibly obtaining psychic abilities. In the teaser, there are three clues about Will’s state of mind in the second season. The first is a barely visible shot of him and Joyce being recorded in a doctor’s office, Will is in a hospital gown and has sensors placed on his temples. Next we see Will clutching his head during what appears to be a mental breakdown, or possible pain from the development of telekinesis? Lastly there is a shot of Will from the back, staring ahead at a door that begins slowly opening on its own…or maybe it’s opening because of Will’s telekinesis.

Theory Four: The Upside Down and the real world are merging together. The teaser pretty much laid this one out, but the real question is how is this happening? There are two possibilities. The first is that the goo Will was spitting into the sink was Demogorgon offspring, and they have been free to roam around in the city’s sewers until now. The other possibility is that Eleven opened another portal while trying to escape the Upside Down and brought something back with her to the real world.

We will find out if these theories come true in the next eight months, and whether they are or not, one thing is for sure. The truth will surely turn our world upside down.