Fans lament rejection of ‘Deadpool’ at Oscars

Lauren Sanchez

From “Arrival” to “Zootopia,” this year’s Oscar nominations feature a variety of 2016 blockbusters. However, many are outraged over the lack of a certain Merc with a Mouth in the nominee list. Tim Miller’s “Deadpool” received absolutely no nominations, and fans couldn’t be more disappointed.

“Deadpool” being snubbed for the nomination is just one in a long line of slaps in the face for all those who worked hard to create it, including Ryan Reynolds, who had been fighting tooth and nail to make his dreams of samurai swords and machine guns a reality. Fox refused to produce the film because they were sure it wouldn’t be a success. With Deadpool being their silliest “hero,” who could blame them?

Reynolds had been itching to play Wade Wilson after reading his first “Deadpool” comic in 2005. He fell in love with the character and wanted more than anything to portray him. He got his chance in “X-men Origins: Wolverine,” but for those of us who saw it, we all know what a trainwreck that was.

“The decision to sew his mouth shut and completely go rogue from the canon was kind of tough,” he explained in an interview with the LA Times. “I knew it was going to be tough for the audience.”

Reynolds even paid out of pocket to allow the writers of the film to be on set for the duration of filming. The budget was low for the film, too low to have as many special effects as a “Deadpool” movie should, which is the main reason why Wade only uses one pistol throughout the whole film and resorts to using his katanas. Despite these minor budget setbacks, the film was still incredibly pleasing as an action film, hilarious as a comedy film and just plain mind-blowingly awesome as a superhero film.

Many superhero films have problems hitting the nail on the head perfectly (let’s not forget the atrocity Joss Whedon directed, “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”) Fox’s X-Men films have confusing timelines and also cast Jennifer Lawrence to play Mystique. Warner Brothers completely butchers any and all DC Films it produces in terms of being in line with the canon. Some of these films do have satisfying aspects to them, but they lack in certain aspects of their plots, characters, actors and the overall storytelling.

Reynolds, Miller and the rest of the folks who had a hand in creating “Deadpool” managed to create the closest thing to a perfect superhero film. The plot wasn’t convoluted and ties in with the canon almost perfectly. The casting was impeccable, T.J. Miller was the superhero “sidekick” we didn’t know we wanted or needed for that matter, and Morena Baccarin is the perfect, non-annoying superhero love interest. The leading man himself, Reynolds, managed to portray Wade perfectly, before and after he joins the Weapon X program. Lastly, the storytelling method of breaking the fourth wall is an interesting technique that only Deadpool could use, and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen in terms of superhero films before.

However, despite all the previous success the film had, it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. “Deadpool” managed to win eight awards, including the Critic’s Choice Movie Award for Best Actor, the MTV Award for Best Fight and the Critic’s Choice Movie Award for Best Comedy, but it was still snubbed by the Academy. The only superhero film that was nominated this year was “Suicide Squad” for Makeup and Hairstyling, but “Deadpool” easy could have been nominated for Best Picture and Best Actor in a Leading Role. Let’s be honest here, we all know Ryan Reynolds blew Ryan Gosling out of the water in terms of their performances. Perhaps once “Deadpool 2” comes out, it will receive the recognition it’s due.