First month of NFL underway, Lone Star teams hope to improve


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Despite him leading the NFL in rushing yards, Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys are 2-3.

Odett Ochoa, Sports Writer

As official NFL play has begun, teams are expected to have first-game jitters out of the way and play at their highest level. With a hopeful season ahead, the Cowboys and Texans began official NFL play in early September. As play began for both, precise execution was absent. Both teams have had a rocky start to the beginning of the 2018 season.

As the season began for the Cowboys, there seemed to be a hopeful future ahead as the team continued to develop in maturity and experience. With Dak Prescott surrounded by marquee players such as Ezekiel Elliott, Tyron Smith and Demarcus Lawrence, the Cowboys were expected to kick off the season with an impressive start.

The Cowboys have gone 2-3 as their offense has found themselves scoring towards the bottom in the league. While their defense ranks inside the top-10 in points allowed, the team has ranked bottom three in points per game. Falling short by a fair margin to teams they have played, the Cowboys must improve their offensive execution by completing crucial plays and converting them into touchdowns.

Among the Cowboys’ talented players, a group of promising receivers aim to make big contributions. Michael Gallup, Terrance Williams, and Allen Hurns are expected to have improved connections with Prescott if they gather more wins moving forward.

A healthy Deshaun Watson was a team highlight until he tragically went out with an ACL injury last season. As the season commenced, it was evident Watson encountered difficulty reacclimating to the Texans’ offense.

With a losing record of 2-3 so far, there is speculation as to what needs to be done to get this team back on the map. The offense has struggled to protect Watson, resulting  in over 15 sacks for Watson in the past four games.

Despite the lack of an efficient offensive line, Watson still seems to have a connection with Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller for crucial plays. With the sudden emergence of Keke Coutee, the receiving corps for the Texans seems to be back on track to succeed.

Heading into October, the Texans must improve their offensive line by offering  Watson better protection. This could lead to a reduction in turnovers and lost downs. In order for the Texans to once again play competitively, they should reduce false starts, continue to lower penalties, maintain their elite defense and aim to better protect their quarterback.As official NFL play continues, both teams look to see major improvements.  The Cowboys are set to face the tough Jacksonville Jaguars defense, while the Texans prepare for a favorable matchup with the Buffalo Bills.