SEU plans to expand RCC by 2020: Offers students variety of amenities


Courtesy of RCC

3D design of St. Edward’s RCC Expansion Plan scheduled to open 2020.

St. Edward’s University will soon be welcoming a newly expanded Recreation and Convocation Center (RCC).

The expansion and renovation process is officially scheduled to take place in 2019, organized to open in 2020. The  RCC expansion is a major step towards achieving SEU’s Master Plan which is focused on increasing recreation and holistic well-being for the entire community.

The project will provide a much-needed fitness space and sport new facilities in a two-story structure that will also act as an entryway to our current RCC.

The RCC expansion will provide various resources that support students and employees well-being.

Andy Lemons, Director of Recreation and Wellness at SEU, said that he is working closely with students and faculty to identify programs that will support the new Well-being model.

“This focuses on wellness in eight dimensions: physical, spiritual, financial, environmental, vocational, intellectual, emotional, and social,” Lemons said.  

Andy Lemons, Director of Recreation and Wellness at SEU, states, “We are working with students and employees to identify programs and experiences to positively impact everyone in support of a new University Well-Being model.

This focuses on wellness in 8 dimensions: physical, spiritual, financial, environmental, vocational, intellectual, emotional, and social.”

Along with the expansion, the SEU campus also has an official University Well-Being task force consisting of students and campus faculty that will evaluate the new resources  available.

A large weight room with all new cardio and strength equipment is one of the new renovated additions to the RCC.

A dedicated fitness studio will be home to the growingly popular GroupX fitness classes in addition to other exciting programs on the Hilltop. This includes fitness options for faculty, mid-week mindfulness practice, dance team practices and more.  

Furthermore, the expansion will also feature a new Wellness Resource Center. The center will be equipped with a wellness co-working space that will offer students an organization meeting space, workshops, education sessions, presentations, and a student recreation lounge. It will also feature  a new workspace to support peer health education and peer well-being coaching.

“We expect to see more programs, services, and resources in support of student, faculty, and staff well-being in the coming years as we begin to implement the Well-Being model recommendations and get ready to open the RCC expansion,” Lemons said.

The SEU community looks forward to seeing improvements to the RCC that will be intact in less than two years.

“Overall, we are very excited to be bringing this new expansion and new Well-Being model to the SEU community,” Lemons said. “It is my belief that when we help students and employees learn to better take care of themselves, they are more prepared to take on their world.”