Pups & Pals Pet Lounge opens new location


Ever heard of a hotel that provides a night time ritual of diffusing lavender essential oils accompanied by classical music? There’s one right here in Austin. 

The business opened last Monday in West Austin off of 290, but it’s not for you.

“We do anything that we can do to keep the dogs nice and calm and relaxed because while we can’t make this place just like home, we try to make it as close to home and as calm and relaxing as possible while they’re here,” business owner Dede Lally said of the night time ritual.  “So essentially it will become their home away from home.”

Lally started Pups & Pals Pet Lounge in November of 2016 on South 1st after realizing her true joy in life was her dog, Penny.

“It was a lot to learn, but I had wonderful girls that I hired who had come from the industry.  They were full of energy and ideas and enthusiasm, and together we just built the business,” Lally said. 

Soon after the business’s opening, Pups & Pals accumulated a waiting list due to high demand.  Once that list exceeded four months for new clients, Lally decided it was time to open up a new location.

“I noticed on the map that there was just a big hole over here in West Austin, and I thought ‘that’s the spot,’” Lally said.

Lally said that West Austin was the ideal placement for a second location because many of her clients were already commuting from there.  Her clients said there weren’t many dog care centers in the area.

“There are a few, but none that really do what we do,” Lally said.  “There are some good training facilities out here in West Austin.  There’s a really good daycare and grooming facility, but not one that specializes in all day, outdoor play for the dogs and boarding and training.”

At Pups & Pals, dogs are split up into groups by size, and they take turns playing outside throughout the day.  Staff members take photos and videos of the dogs and post them on Facebook for their owners to see while they’re away.

“It’s always nice to get those picture updates, so we try to do a good job of posting all the time for them,” Lally said.

Lally said that her business is unique in that she is upfront and honest about whether or not she believes each dog will be comfortable in the environment. 

“We go through a play day evaluation process where we bring the dogs in and we get to know them and see how they are with other dogs,” Lally said.  “If we are seeing that they are either too scared around other dogs, or they’re not enjoying interacting with other dogs or if they are showing signs of aggression, then we recommend other options for them.”

Lally has a roster of at-home pet centers and dog walkers and runners to recommend to clients that don’t fit Pups & Pals.

“We really focus on the health, happiness and well-being of the dogs,” Lally said.