Texas’ three NBA teams look to improve after first month of action

Through the first four weeks of this NBA season, the three teams based in Texas area are already playing catch-up in a loaded Western conference where every game has high stakes. Putting aside preseason expectations, this is what each team needs to do to get more wins.


Despite major injuries to key young players and acclimating newly acquired guard DeMar DeRozan into a slower-paced system, the Spurs have found a way to remain competitive as they are currently ranked fourth in the West Conference.

Even as a team that ranks just average in terms of points per game and defensive efficiency, the Spurs have continued to prove that ball movement and teamwork are what it takes to win basketball games.

DeRozan is already having a career year with the club as he recently became the fifth player in the last 25 years to total over 260 points in the first 10 games with a new team. DeRozan is also improving his playmaking skills, as he is averaging a career high 6.5 assists per game.

Along with All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge contributing 19.4 points and 9.8 rebounds per game, the Spurs seem poised to make noise in the Western Conference really soon.


Perhaps one of the most disappointing teams thus far, the Rockets find themselves towards the bottom of the Western Conference as they are nearly dead-last in team points per game.

On top of this, newly acquired forward Carmelo Anthony has not lived up to what his role on the team should have been: an offensive threat on a high-scoring team. Now–just 12 games into the season– reports have surfaced that the Rockets are already trying to remove Anthony from their team all together.

But despite the sluggish start, reigning league MVP James Harden serves as a bright spot for the team, as he is still putting up a great statline. He and future Hall of Fame point guard, Chris Paul, still appear to be one of league’s premiere backcourt duos. The Rockets will need to find a winning rhythm quickly if they hope to make a push for a championship season.


The Mavericks have picked up right where they left off from last season: the bottom of the Western Conference. What’s different, though, is the presence of their first-round draftee Luka Dončić and free-agent signee DeAndre Jordan.

Dončić’s European professional experience is paying off as he is already the leader in the Rookie of the Year race being top three in major statistical categories: scoring (20.3), assists (4.5) and rebounds (6.5) per game among all rookies.

Dennis Smith Jr., the Mavs’ 2017 first-round pick, has strides in his development with increased shooting percentages. Smith’s three-point shooting percentage is especially impressive as he has has gone from 31% to a staggering 42%.

The Mavericks are not expected to have a great record this season. But the future is certainly bright with Dončić and Smith looking to be the league’s next dynamic backcourt duo.