Snapchat maintains streak among young people, social media lovers


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Mark Zuckerberg tried to acquire Snapchat for $1 billion in 2013.

Snapchat, launched in 2011, has turned out to be a fashionably prevalent messaging app among teens. Over 180 million individuals now use it every day to talk, play, learn and take photographs.  

It has turned into an innovative experience, allowing users to encounter the world in new ways. How easy would you have thought it would be to try on new faces? Snapchat has made it simple: Just tap on your face to try on a new look, and even swap faces with friends. With Snapchat, the world has become a canvas where you can turn day to night, give your friend a chipmunk voice or create stickers of your dog. There are endless possibilities.

A picture is worth a thousand texts. The app opens right to the camera screen, so you can send friends a quick photo or video of whatever is going on without having to type out an entire message.

Youngsters use Snapchat to keep their pals aware of their every move, and seem to enjoy every moment of it. A Snapchat “golden rule” for teenagers is as follows: the uglier the snapchat, the tighter the friendship. For some, a Snapchat story isn’t even valid  until your crush has watched it. On the other hand, losing a snapchat streak can cause heartbreak.

Many debate whether Snapchat is an overrated or underrated app. Some users may say that Snapchat is overrated because they aren’t aware of its special features.

A few interesting and fairly new facets include using more than one filter at a time, auto saving snaps to memories, pinning different objects, making calls, giving and getting birthday love, sending discover articles to friends and much more.

Around 400 million snaps are sent daily, with around 9000 snaps being sent per second. Snapchat has and will continue to pump out assorted features in the hopes of keeping  users’ attention.

But there’s always another way of looking at it.

Through selfies, streaks and stories, Snapchat has found ceaseless techniques to induce teens into devoting more energy into it. Time is spent looking at pictures of their friends faces rather than having actual in-person dialogue— though teenagers wouldn’t agree with this.

Sending good morning and good night streaks or having 350 day streaks often defines best friendships. Teenagers put in a lot of effort to maintain streaks, but is it really worth it? Some people chat with more than twenty people at a time, but the real question is: would they even talk to half of these people in person?

For teenagers, it is evidently an underrated app, while for adults it’s unquestionably overrated. Either way, one cannot deny the detail that it’s entertaining and a great way of staying connected with the world.

Happy Snapchatting!