Kyler Murray should choose what makes him happiest: football


Courtesy of Creative Commons

2018 Heisman Trophy winner has stated that he is declaring for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Kyler Murray is clearly a phenomenal football player. And football is clearly the sport that has captured his admiration the most.

So who are we to dictate his happiness by criticizing his decision to forgo professional baseball and pursue a career as a potential franchise quarterback?

One of the biggest knocks on Murray, whose listed at 5-feet-10-inches, is that he is “too undersized” to play a position that operates behind a towering offensive line.

But this argument isn’t necessarily all that fair as veteran quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Russell Wilson, both 6 feet or under and labeled as “undersized”, have managed to have successful NFL careers despite facing similar doubt.

Some of Murray’s former offensive linemen at Oklahoma University have even stated that their height had no effect on Murray’s ability to see down field.

Murray’s astounding playmaking and scrambling ability makes him capable to run a professional offense, as it was enough to earn him the prestigious Heisman trophy this past season.

Some people say that when comparing the baseball and football paths side-by-side, it makes more sense for him to choose MLB, given that there is a lower possibility for serious injury and can result in a longer career with more money to be made.

But, with baseball, Murray would most likely begin his career through what could be several seasons with the Oakland A’s affiliate teams, whereas in the NFL, he could potentially jump right in and earn a starting job come football season.

And as the NFL is shifting towards more player safety with an emphasis to protect the quarterback, it is certainly possible for Murray to have just as lengthy of a career in the NFL and earn superstar contracts, should he play to his expectations.

Brees, again as a comparison, is 40 years old and has been in the NFL since 2001. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is currently the oldest active quarterback in the entire NFL at 41, and he is coming off his sixth Super Bowl championship.

Though Brady doesn’t scramble, Murray should still be expecting a lengthy career as a professional football player, just as any other quarterback believes they can play into their late 30s or 40s.

Despite having to return the $4.66 million the A’s gave him to sign with the club, the OU product could potentially make much more money as an NFL quarterback.

For example, this draft class is already considered low in quarterback depth, meaning Murray’s stock is quickly rising as it’s possible for him to be the first quarterback taken come draft night.

Last year’s quarterbacks drafted in the first-round signed rookie deals ranging from $9.5 million to $32.7 million and that’s not even including the additional millions the signing bonus offers. The rookie deal alone should be enough to make him strongly consider the football route.

The NFL is undoubtedly more popular than the MLB, which offers the 21-year-old the platform to reach a limitless spotlight; ultimately leaving room for more endorsement deals than baseball could offer.

In the end, Murray will want to play where his heart and mind reside, and the answer is simply to choose playing on the gridiron over the diamond.