Students find outlet for creativity, stress relief in St. Edward’s club


Adrian Gonzalez / Hilltop Views

Vy Nguyen works on a Mardi Gras themed art project. Chroma looks for artists of varying talent to join and induldge their artisitc side.

For many college students, finding time to express their creative side often seems like a daunting task as much of their energy is used primarily on school work. With seemingly endless assignments piled up, the beauty of creation can sometimes feel like an afterthought.

St. Edward’s Chroma Art Club encourages students to find time for themselves and let their artistic side flow in a welcoming environment.

For club president Tim Nguyen,  Chroma is a way for students to not only enjoy themselves but work with others in presenting art for the SEU community.

“The main mission of this club is to really just provide a place for people to come by after school and create. By the end of the week, people can just come by to relax,” Nguyen said. “We provide supplies and we work on projects that we can display for the student body.”

Nguyen also believes that Chroma is a great opportunity to build connections and get students’ work publicized.

“The art community here is definitely big, so I just want to see Chroma become a representation of the art community,” Nguyen said. “I want students to come to Chroma when they want to get their work out there or if they want to look for a community of like-minded individuals to create stuff with.”

Chroma’s social media manager, Reese Lord, feels that no matter the experience level of the artist, any student is capable of creating fascinating pieces for the club.

“The great thing about Chroma is, whether you’re a professional or you just want to study art, this is the perfect club for you,” Lord said. “I think you can find a home [here] pretty easily.”

Through individual talent, Chroma has been effective at working together to their unique, creative contributions with all of the participants’ input. Through painting, designing, collaging, drawing and more, the club offers a little bit of everything for members to continuously enjoy and learn about.

The club meets every Friday from 4-5pm in Arts 114. Meeting times are very intentional, as the end of the work week offers students a sense of satisfaction.

“It’s just a way of doing [art] recreationally,” Chroma vice president Luna Solis said. “Not just in class, but doing something outside of class and getting together with your peers in a more relaxed way,”

As the primary art club on campus, Chroma is a place where students can find passion within themselves and become aware of their artistic capabilities.

“There’s a lot of satisfaction in creating something with your own hands. There’s a lot of pride and joy that can come out of creating something yourself,” Nguyen said. He hopes that Chroma meetings become a place where students are encouraged to explore the creative side of their personalities.

“Sometimes it’s good for someone to take a break from academics and just come out to a weekly art club where you can just let loose your creative side.”