New, informative podcasts for the hidden history buff you always wanted to be


Marcelo Plata

Podcasts are an ideal way to get through long breaks. “It Could Happen Here” deals with the very real possibility of a Second Civil War occuring in the U.S.

With summer behind us and the semester in full swing, there are going to be many breaks in which we are not doing anything. And what better way to spend your time in the horrible Austin traffic or in those long pauses between classes than to listen to a couple of podcasts. Here are the two best podcasts to listen to during September.

“Behind the Bastards” hosted by Robert Evans

Lovers of history, current events, or those looking for a sharp-witted and amusing window into some of history’s boogiemen, the “Behind the Bastards” podcast brings an insightful and comedic look into, “some of the worst people in history.”

Every week Robert Evans, the former editor at, best selling author and conflict journalist, delves into stories of terrorists, dictators, warmongers, news-grifters and con-men to discover how and why they became, “some of the worst people in history.”

The non-sequential nature of the podcast allows listeners to enjoy each episode regardless of the order. With its vast library of over 80 episodes to listen to, the “Behind the Bastards” podcast is a must for anyone with some time to spare and a desire for a good laugh.

“It Could Happen Here” hosted by Robert Evans

The 2016 presidential election shed some light into how divisive this country has become. In the last two years we have seen a rise in protests and demonstrations from both sides of the political spectrum,many of which have turned violent.

The division between rural and urban Americans, between religious groups and between political ideologies has never been stronger. Has all this polarisation made you fear for the future of this country? Did it ever make you fear the possibility of a Second American Civil War?

Drawing from his first-hand experiences reporting from countries torn by civil wars, Robert Evans explores the very real possibility of a Second American Civil War in the first season of “It Could Happen Here.”

By giving real life examples of insurgencies and sepratist groups all around the globe, including some examples in the United States, Evans sets up a grim and realistic scenario of what a second civil war would look like in the United States. Evans creates a vivid image of how American insurgent groups would rise, and what they would look like.

It is genuinely scary hearing Evans talk about how rebel forces in war torn countries have used current everyday technology, like drones that you find at any hardware store or 3D printers that have become more and more common, to cripple well funded military operations.

“It Could Happen Here,” is a great narrative driven and informative podcast. Evans’ great storytelling will leave you biting your nails in anticipation for the next episode, and unable to put down your headphones.