‘It’s an art show, Charlie Brown:’ Comic fans flock to the ‘Peanuts’ gallery


Shea Hildebrand / Hilltop Views

Visitors to the Mondo Gallery walk around snippets of the famous ‘Peanuts’ comic strips reminiscing of the joy and happiness that the loveable characters have brough over the past 70 years. The Gallery’s next exhibit will be pixar themed and run Dec. 6 – 8.

From the comic strips and movies many adored as a kid, the Peanuts now have a whole art exhibit dedicated to them. “It’s An Art Show, Charlie Brown,” features 16 famous panels and comic strips for exhibit-goers to look at and purchase.

Last weekend, the Mondo Gallery hosted an exhibit to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Peanuts. The Gallery put together some of the more iconic comic strips and sold them to Charlie Brown lovers all around Austin. Although the actual birthday for this iconic comic strip is not until October 2020, many still showed up.

The exhibit and pop-up shop was a way to celebrate Charles M. Schulz’s work and the lives he touched with his comic strips. The Peanuts theme song played as everyone browsed the art work, getting everyone into the Charlie Brown mood.  

“My uncle and I were both obsessed with the Peanuts. I was obsessed with Lucy and he loved Snoopy,” Lilly Dazet, an attendee of the exhibit said. ”The Peanuts were something we shared a love for and that connection made between us was so important to me. It really helped make us as close as we are now, which means so much.”

The exhibit showed off Schulz’s work by showcasing singular panels, allowing viewers to make their own meaning, and connecting visitors to Schulz’s work.  

Although the exhibit and pop-up shop were only here for a weekend, it was a small way to show howSchulz’s work impacts people daily. 

“You can tell by the turnout that this exhibit really means a lot to people,” an exhibit worker said. “Charlie Brown is such an iconic character that was loved by so many for so many years and continues to touch people’s lives daily.”